Silent and still is the night,

The Spring breeze gentle,

I am lost in adoration.


No love matters more to me,

Than the love for God,

Who never leaves me alone.


I am Adam's descendant,

Yet my heart is His,

And no darkness creeps in there.


Worldly loves are delusions,

That are now in graves,

But His love is infinite.


Be it the blue smile of dawn,

Or a flower's caress,

Or the beauty of a face.


He is not unseen to me,

For my heart sees Him,

Even if my eyes cannot.


His guidance is radiance,

Which is always there,

This bond of love is so rare.


More than seventy mothers,

Is His love for me,

Is there any greater love?


I was lost in worldly loves,

Till He rescued me,

And shone His light of truth.


What more does my spirit need?

What more should I want?

When I have my beloved God.


His love is encompassing,

The whole universe,

And my heart is His abode.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

At this stage of my life the truth has dawned on me that the best of all loves is one's love of the God Almighty. The poem is a step that is moving me onwards on my spiritual path. Here it should not be misconstrued that it means I don't love God's uncountable creations. On the contrary I see my Lord God's wondrous artistry in everything and so my adoration keeps on increasing with each passing day and night.

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