For all these years I sought love,

And dreamt of its beauty,

I was blessed on three occasions,

As God's favour on me.


But even though I am still loved,

By a very rare woman afar,

My restless heart and soul,

Sought love that has no par.


And one night I just woke up,

And thought of my loneliness,

When my heart's door was opened,

And a peaceful light lit it up.


For long I had prayed to God,

To fill my life with true love,

And that night I felt as if,

His love shone from above.


Now, as the days go by,

My love for my loving God,

Has quenched the thirst I had,

The longing for true love.


My God is ethereal light,

Invisible to worldly eyes,

But my heart is not sad now,

True love has replaced my sighs.


In this finite world of ours,

We all crave true love,

If we seek sincerely,

God responds from above.


I have given myself to Him,

And He takes care of me,

My soul came but from Him,

His light will never dim.


Even when I am gone,

From this world, I know,

That to Him will I return,

Borne on the wings of love.


True peace is blessed on those,

Not obsessed by this world,

And God's love embraces them,

Who want Him to be close.


In this vast cosmos of ours,

His dazzling wonders shine,

While no world can suffice Him,

Our hearts are homes He adores.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is just anotheri spiritual inspiration, indicating my love for God Almighty. The poem has been put here for the reader and especially for those who crave true love in its purest form.

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