"Facing the Reaper

Just a thought!

When time is all you have left, nothing else matters'

Each day,  calculated, every hour planned.

No thought gets processed without accountability,

When your time keeper holds your clock in his hand.

These days'...you never gave them a second thought,

"Your existence should be cherrished forever..."

Now alone and decrepit, and truth at your door,

You realize... your vane existence wasn't so cleaver.

Now fear sets in, so you pull thoughts from within,

Your pride...still tring to write something deeper...

No matter what you say, in a cleaver word sway...

It changes nothing... "The Day you face the Reaper!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Facing the Reaper"

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KindredSpirit's picture

That is so cool.  You have a

That is so cool.

 You have a fan and a brother

 Right here.

I love you're Imagery.

 The painting rocks the poem.

deepinyourdreams's picture

Thanx for the vote'

Thanx for the vote'