"Word Whimpers"

Just a thought!

Word Whimpers, scribbled down in chaotic disarray,

Waiting, hoping others will attempt a read...

Patients enough to disentangle their inception.

A thought process, penned from a tortured soul,

Discarding any exersion of a bridged simplicity.

Fear, it will define them as, "no amplitude, nothing special..."

They leave you, confused to discern it's intended significance.

  by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Word Whimpers"         ...."Comments are fine...Leave Whimpers on your own page!"Tongue Out

bishu's picture

intended significance.

 Dear Mr Deep MY intended significance penning fools words .is to detox and confuse till sleepy ~Foolish till the end of Eternity~



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Dear Mr. Bishu...I'm quite

Dear Mr. Bishu...I'm quite sure you will do well!