Cycle of Shit


Born into this world of hate

Receding into darkness

From our first breath

Molded among the masses


The river is overflowing

Flooding hundreds of soulless shells

Only a number on a list

Of the masses on their way to hell


As the earth erodes from pressure

The skeletons surface

Putrid rotten flesh prevails

Blood still fresh on his face


The world chokes on the inside


Slaves of time

We're slowly sinking

Securing a hole in the ground

An entire generation dead


Buried underneath this town


We are stuck

This limbo is restless

Someone dies tonight

We are stuck

We are stuck in a cycle of endless shit

Someone dies

The living move on

Guilty of life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First draft, more will be added eventually.

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"Guilty of Life"

A great summation and we are all guilty of that.~slc~




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Unfortunately yes. This song

Unfortunately yes. This song is dedicated to Jordan.  May his soul find peace.