Job Satisfaction

It’s an awfully vital phenomenon,

What we call ‘job satisfaction’,

An employee gets inspiration,

If there’s, among the colleagues, a healthy competition.


It turns out to be a blessing,

If the boss keeps inspiring,

For achieving something great and exceptional,

Something creative and phenomenal.


Any institute is bound to soar higher,

If there’s job satisfaction, if there’s no fear.

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job satisfaction Nicely expressed Bondhu

[My myopic view] Jobs are not made to order. Getting degrees is one thing Earning money is quite different.Jobs done for money compensation as salary or wages are never ever satisfying.Monday mornings are horrid to any "jobber" skilled,semi-skilled or unskilled. The only scanty reward is the money received for the job. Also may I have the audacity to say that you are in a noble profession imparting the most valuable tool skills to your students in a foreign language. There are pros & cons in every job . Even creativity done under pressure becomes a chore. Other esteemed writers here [including yourself know better] Enjoy writing and publishing ~b~



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Ah Work

I remember it well. In managment creativity is frowned upon (because clerks, staffers, visitors may be more creative than the administrator). Depends on the leadership abilities of the person in ultimate charge. If they report to a Board of Directors, life is mostly yes and quiet below. You are right, an open and freer of communication envirnment makes for a healthier and more prosperous, stable, and productive workforce/place. When is the business world going to understand this most basic tenant of humanity. ~slc~




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Thank you

You're absolutely right my dear friend. Thank you so much for the observation. :)