Little Things I've Missed

On Life and Living


I was never asked, to 'have this dance'

Or taken out, on any town.

Never invited to a prom,

Or worn, a long white, flowing gown.


Hardly ever went out, on any dates,

Hardly asked out, on any too.

No one cared, about my dreams,

Or asked what, I wanted to do.


No one carved, my name with theirs,

On any, weeping willow tree.

No guy actually, ever proposed,

Or got down upon, one bended knee.


I never got swept up, off my feet,

Or carried over, any threshold.

Poetry was never, written for me,

Of sweet words, I'd not been told.


It may seem, unimportant to some,

These little big things, that I've missed.

But when you grew up, way too fast,

It becomes such, a longed for list.


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KindredSpirit's picture

It's just sad

What we should of done .

I'm happy for you now.

You know his name