By Ara Sophia Treviño & Juan Pablo Estrada

Once upon a time, there were five dinosaurs who had know each other practically their whole lives; they were best friends.  Every day, the whole gang hanged out together at their private club.  The gang consisted of five different dinos which were Paralititan, Carnosaurus, T-Rex, Velociraptor and Abrosaurus. All of them got along well except T-Rex and Paralititan. They were constantly fighting nonsense.

One day, T-rex ate Paralititan, his dino friend. Since that day on, all of his friends turned their backs on him and never talked to him again. They were furious with him and would never forgive him for eating one of their closest friends. T-Rex got so mad that he was about to explode and couldn’t stand Paralititan anymore so he ate him. T-rex couldn’t control himself when he was mad so it was an accident.

Time passed and since  T-rex had no friends at all, he spent all of his time at the NASA Center using all of the latest technology. All he did was research and investigate about asteroids and how the world came to an end centuries ago.

Suddenly, he realized that the world was coming to an end. An asteroid was going to crash on the planet soon.

T-rex panicked and went to tell his friends about the horrible news, but they did not trust him.

“No, I don’t believe in you”, said Velociraptor. “None of us do”, said in behalf of all the gang. “Oh, please! You have to trust me this time. It’s true, it’s huge and is coming right to this place” said T-rex, but the others did not wanted to hear a word from him.

When all dinosaurs went  back to their homes they talked about T-rex and his near end of the world story and laughed about it.

All the gang woke up when the sun rays beamed through the window. But it was unusual since it was three o’clock in the morning. T-rex knew it was happening, the time had come, it was end of their world. All the dinosaurs went out to see what was going on.

Some said that the stars were paying a visit, others that a part of the sun had fallen into the planet. The elders: “Oh! boy a century waiting for an unexpected thing to happen”. All the dinosaurs at the NASA were blown out since they did not had a clue of that happening. Only T-rex knew, but they discarded him.

“Sir”, said an allosaurus to the head of NASA. “The asteroid is 3 minutes from impact, this is going to be the end of the world”.

Back at their club, the whole gang realized that T-Rex was right about the asteroid. They all felt so bad for not believing him.


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