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Mexico, Monterrey

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I am a young woman living in Monterrey, Mexico. I am studying Marketing in my 9th semester, hopefully next December I will be done. I like to go out with my friends, to do exercise, to watch movies and reading books. I love to travel in order to experiment new cultures. I am 22 years old.

About My Navel

It sounds weird but since I was born I have always been playing with my Navel. It is a weird thing on me. I think when I start to play with my navel is when I feel stress, anxious, or excited. It is a way to distract myself for all the other things that can pass through my mind.

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My favorite stuff is as I said before doing exercise. I love reading, I think you can experiment a new world in every book. I like to go to the movies and I love to eat a lot but It is ok because I spend two hours at the gym every weekday!


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