He dreamed of Aphrodite, Circe,

and Persephone captured at twilight,

trapped by sunrise toting a quiver

full of arrows borrowed from Ares

who borrowed them from Mars.


Because the gods grant favors.

he awakened wiser. Tingly, a 

shadow of doubt followed him,

an aura of the most blessed

harrowed him. There were flowers

that kept appearing in his hair

annoying him horrendously when

they kept turning into arrows.


Now, he seldom sleeps. Aphrodite

keeps showing up behind him

in mirrors posing in an exact

Venus articulation. 


If these feminine principles

were about love,  then there

would be no problem. Relentlessly,

they want to teach him archery

and how best  to wear a  sheepskin

for ultimate affect which destroys

the concepts of favor or a gift.







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Wow! Nicely Done! Love

Wow! Nicely Done! Love mythology all kinds.ancient wrath of hearts or something like that is a poem i wrote once and this pulled the memory of it. Great piece. I love arrows as a symbol.  Hugss 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Had lots of fun with this -

Had lots of fun with this - arrows recur, the religions are mixed, confused, and now exist only as symbols - to be mixed to confound and poke fun. Such is the fate of gods and civilizations. Is your poem here - if so plz provide coordinates, if not - well? SS, sincere thanks for reading me stuff. ~slc~



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Nice star

If I critique it, you'll say that's

 Not what you meant

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I Agree

probably. ~slc~



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All I was going to say was most things

Need a woman's touch.

But all u wbaitts are

Running me round in circles.

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run u around in circles?

It is what we do best. To poet is to be read and befuddle, torture with a plethora of thinking, twist the reader into knots of contemplation and WOW, your comment did all this to me! :D ~Lady A~




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You're talking to a

You're talking to a country

Boy with a city education

 But not as much book learning as u

Here we go again