Society, What Have We Done?

What have we done
What have we become
Society oh society
How low have
We sunk
War after war
Each one
The future need
For more
Because of ever growing
Political greed
For power
No one really needs
Let alone deserves
People living
In every country
On the streets
Never having
Enough to eat
But by those in power
Are never really heard
Not that the powers
That be even care
There are rich criminals
Getting off
Because they are just

Too rich for prison

While the poor
And innocent
Fear the police
Because more and more
They have proven
That they are
To be trusted
No more
Single mothers
Working four jobs
At minimum wage
And still her kids
Barely have
Enough to eat

Yet these people
We pretend
Not to see
They say racism
Is over but
The news proves
While some people
Are fighting
For their lives
Even when it
Comes to their
Own families
Because they are gay
And to far too many

That is just not
In the least bit ok
And when it comes
To our dear planet
It almost seems
Like we are
Hell bent
On destroying it
It makes me sick
How badly
We willfully
Abuse it
Like we
Actually think
It will be here
And fine
Forever but
Believe me

The environmental
Issues are all too real
And yet far too many

About all of these issues
Seem not to care
So society
Oh society
What have we done
Tell me
Are we proud
Of what we have become

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