Sophia was out of luck
if she thought Benedict
was going to fall for that
that mid morning fuck


and on
old Mr Atkinson's bed
(how he liked
his Wagner)


creeping up
on him like that
grabbing him
around the waist


and pushing him
to the bed
and saying
O come on


just a quickie for me
(Polish accent
not shown here)
no no


he said
not here and now
I’ve jobs to do
baths to attend to


old men
to get ready
and she lay over him
spread out on him


her bulging breasts
kind of pinning him down
but it is my birthday
she said


it is good to do
the unexpected
now and then
her breath smelt


of peppermint
her body
eased on him deeper
he kept his hands


away from her
at his sides
best he could
all temptations


held in check
you can do
what you like
she said


good then
let me go
and I’ll go run
some baths


he said
it's near morning
coffee break


I need my fill
of coffee
you could take me here
she said


from the front or rear
no no
he said
trying to get off


the bed
his hands attempting
to push her off
touching her body


soft and supple
her breast touched
what if I scream out


and say you tried
to have me?
she said
go ahead


he said
 they know me
they know
you're always after me


I’ll say you tried
to have me here
on Mr Atkinson's bed
they believe me


she said
I'm the female
go ahead then
scream off your head


he said
but she moved off of him
and arranged
her clothes tidily


pushed her hair
into shape
and said
I’ll have you next time


Benny boy
next time
we have it quick
and on some other bed


and he rearranged
his shirt and tie
and watched
as she walked off


down the passageway
her fine behind
giving it
that sexy sway.


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From Dream to Dream

you have nothing to offer, is all she said
nothing to give, and nothing to love for
a shadow of what she used to see, an image
that cannot brake free, let it stay away from me
don’t haunt me, is what she pleads to the sea
twist and shout, why must it linger within
every doubt, every corner, every lonesome moment
such a vast world, but i see you, only you, always you
you’re that creature that keeps a hold on me
forever a struggle, telling me to fight for thee
sunrise wont come when your names forgotten, a guarantee
this fairytale concludes in our collapse from dust to ashes
don’t want to recall the misery, yet cant escape the flashes
Its a mystery how you wont fade, leaves me ever afraid
we can seek the will to see upon the world unclouded
Its not about what they say is best, or what is right
cannot be true if you listen to someone who is not you
promise you wont be deceiving, don’t put up a wall for them all
we were meant to always rise, to save a life, even if once more we take a fall
there’s no time to hold, be brave, that’s what they told
even if this is our end, don’t sway, I’m always yours, we’ll transcend
happiness comes unexpected when we forget to worry, we just do, so smile and be you
care for them all, the sad and lonely, present and past
they change us, for better and yet sometimes for worse
wont forget their souls, we carry parts of them, will we ever be whole
but remember to not lose sight of who you really are
hope you’ll always stay a shooting star


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Any constructive criticism would be welcome :)

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