move on ??

move on ?

is it time ?
Is it time for me to leave this place
A place that I've always called home
locked away in a shelter
Is it time for me to roam ?

Melted into these walls
I know of nothing else
The same black carpet
and the same pictures on the shelf

Nothing is being learned in here
It's to familiar
I need to go out and explore
Hear new word and see things peculiar

When is the right time ?
Is there a right time ?
That's the question I should ask.
But I don't know how 
My life moves way to fast

My whole world crumbles down into nothing
Like ash from a cigarette
Sooner or later it burns out
There is nothing there
Just old memories
And no one seems to care.

At the end of the day
It all comes down to me
I have to live my life
and let the past be

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hope you enjoyed :)

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Quiet Thoughts on a Lonely Night

You fell asleep lying next to poetry.
I brushed the hair behind your ear
to whisper.
My presence startled you, but dreaming began.

I could feel your torpid episodes as if
they were my own.

I dared to enter your slumber and discovered beauty.
Prior, I laid myself down in curiosity
to find where the beautiful minds had withdrawn,
but understood only unremitting monotony.

Now, I delve into the deepest depths of beauty,
stumbling upon only creativity, originality.

Your mind is divine, but now I lie outside,
waiting for love of mine.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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I'm Singing and Consciousness is on the Drums

Bump and bop and knock then stop.
It’s a rhythmic beat to reap the sleep
and see what’s been shown, not meet what’s
been known over and over again,
just changing how it flows from pen to pen
or mind to mind.
Just mind the edges and don’t fall off,
but conquer those hedges secluding Truth,
hung aloft up above for all to see,
and perceive Love,
shoved beneath and stomped
under feet, but breathing
and needing our attention,
undivided and whole—
a beckoning to our eternal soul.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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Forget these flowers
That refuse to bloom.
Forget these stars
That refuse to shine.

Forget those days
When pain was your life.
Forget those days
When peace was a myth.

Forget all you like,
Promise me this,
You won't forget
To remember.

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Comments Appreciated :)

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