Sometimes do you feel like a shadow?

You're always there but no-one knows

So many times you've gotten trampled on before

And before anyone notices, you're always gone


This is what I feel like

Not loved, forgotten and disliked

These things seem to get in the way

But they always say "push through the day"


Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't

I feel so sad and yet so mad

I am really not a shadow anymore

I am just a girl who is unsure


I'm lost in a life that I am living

Just hoping and wishing I could change the beginning. 


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the need


to be ugly 


to get





to be pathetic


out of grief


for lives





i've known




with more 









2:16 AM 7/6/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 


My Friendly Leech

My leech, my friendly leech
You stay with me when I don't want you on
I wanted you to let me live
But I kept you there
And followed your whims that controlled me

I must reach higher ground
Away from your low lands
Away from your shell for a personality
Away from your controlling and mind tricks

Gone you will be from my life
I will slip my way out before you can bat an eye
And care only in the slightest for I will be free

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