Evil, dark, demented always smart, always laying deep inside my head, making me wish I’m always dead. Tired and jaded feeling dejected, everyone I meet always makes me feel rejected. They pretend to be my friend and I’m glad I see into their faces, to know their real intent to send me into blazes. I stay to myself with very little clearance, my freedom gone with no last song. To be strong and belong brings me to a life to prolong.

Written by,   Rob Casteel 


the need


to be ugly 


to get





to be pathetic


out of grief


for lives





i've known




with more 









2:16 AM 7/6/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 


stressed and distressed

silent screams and suicidal pleas.
distressed and stressed,
he says she couldn't care less.
"love me, you don't",
do anything... he says, "she won't."
her sanity is peeling,
she's getting tired of dealing,
again and again.
she wants to give up,
and he's lost all trust.
she's trying to be,
and trying to succeed,
but all she's doing,
is the devilish deed.

misguided by media

we call them savages
they call themselves warriors
we call them terrorist
they call themselves martyrs
we call them soilders
they call us murderers
we call them uncivilized
they call it culture!

everyone judges people from one side
without the thought the media lied
seeing everone as the enemy
ignorent and blind people is all i see
relaying messages from our twisted leaders
playing on the t.v. or your radio speakers
over exagerated news reports
making news more interesting the story distorts
sturing people into a fear indused frenzy
over every little overseas war discrempasy

feeding you lies
turn on your t.v.
brainwashing your eyes
now you cant see
force feed you shit
radio induced zombie
taking away your wit
that is not me! 

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