The Aura Can't Be Hidden



Whether it shows red with anger,

olive green with envy,

yellow with mentation

gray with depression

purple with compassion,

gold with purity

blue with serenity

pink with happiness

bright green with healing

or infinite unique

combinations of these,

an individual's aura

cannot be hidden

and never lies.


saiom shriver



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Mulberry Green

Mother Earth

Mulberry Green

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The mulberry tree

drops green leaves

Frost snapped, no

age rainbows

they'll receive


-saiom shriver-

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Forgiving Sea


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When the earth


vomits volcanic fire


the sea turns the molten orange


into green glass jewels.




With mystical hearts


the forgiving


transmute to love


actions cruel.

-saiom shriver-

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Green is my colour,
Nigeria is Green,
Africa  is Green,
Our land is Green.
My heart is Green,
God is Green.

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 Green is the colour,

 That nature breathes in,

Synonymous it is to life,

 And its welfare.


 Pacifies the eyes,

 Works as a healer,

 Of mind, spirit and beyond,

 And truly inspires.


So many poets have in thy praise sing,

 All are of equal worth to thee,

 Regardless of the commoner,

And the King.


Wordsworth, Coleridge and beyond,

 Have never let the cascades of the souls go dry,

 When it comes to thee,

 With whom we do sustain an inseparable bond.


Like Aurora’s perpetual beauty, evergreen green should be,

 I feel like being a lone bird while I’m not with you,

 Impatient as the wind I become since,

 It’s you that my eyes long to see.


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Grass (Haiku)


Grass is lush and green
it truly enjoys the rain
can't wait for Summer.

Copyright Cynthia Jones

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Green monster


& we need no other -- we a perfect match -- that hybrid lighter -- my breath refuel -- make her bright in color -- seen from outer space u cant get no furter -- im her star lover -- in return she stack em high -- money piled up she leaves no dime -- earths sweet green is what i breath -- all this money im now a fiend -- & all around me i smell ; i see -- i eat free pussy ~


Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this a year ago ; ehh ; its not that long but ima leave it as that ; maybe write more into it later on someday ; I accept all & any criticism :)

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still going to the hill-side
with five years ago's pride

never come here!
don't even bother!

faded green, hard to throw
frequent scene, always slow

one good thing
same everything

golden truth
fuckin youth

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is the second one Ive ever created.
pls check the first one ''Like an American Tv as well
Good night

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It's the color of life.
     My life,
          green grass.
     New life
          seed sprouts.
     Renewed life,
          tree leaves.
It's the color of envy
     My envy,
          of life.
     Your envy,
          of them.
     Everyone's envy
          of stuff.
It's the color of freshness
     My freshness
          clean clothes
     Their freshness
          dirty words
     Earth's freshness,
          new life.
It's the color of movement
     My movement,
          my future.
     Your movement,
          full ahead
     Someone's movement
          beyond reach.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/19/09.  April Challenge Day 16: color poem.

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