Karma will stop your flow! 2015

Karma will stop there flow 2015



some people are nice just like they aught to be

then there are others who will drop you to your knee

and the ones that are mean make your life feel like a show

but they better watch out or Karma will stop there flow

you see no one really gets away with anything now an days

because in the end they will have bad luck in everyway

its bad people who ruin it and stoop so very low

but soon they will see that Karma will stop there flow

like that old coyote who always tries to catch road runner

cuz in the end its the road runner who will always be the winner

when one is always mean and has a forked toungue

its they who will eat there words and be left to get hung

so if you dont stop your evil ways you will never really know

the joy of true friendship cuz Karma will stop your flow.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one cuz i believe we all have that one person in our lives who we have seen karma work its magic, well i have and it was beautiful to see them get there comupance hope you like it.


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Sugar Daddy




Sunday, March 24, 2013









He came in all flashy
He sat down in room with Papa
He pointed at me
I want her
cash was exchanged
I cried
Know one listened
He drove me to a Hotel
I was so scared
In the room...he took me
Took my innocence..
I wasn't alone he had more girls
Time flew by...
Daddy lent us strangers
the strangers raped us
I started to feel sick
was taken to the doctor
doctor asked if I used protection
he washed his hands
He said you have AIDS
Where did you catch it from?
Whats your daddy's name?
Sugar Daddy










Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written in memory of those lost around the world from sex trade.

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Dreams begin to end

We dream until we don't
We live until we stop
All these days are now
And now they're not
I live today, tonight, tomorrow
Maybe it'll save me from sorrow
A reality I chose to follow
leads a still life, lost in between
constant cracks throughout my path
Always craving something more
yet held by phantoms that spin me round
They make me nauseous where I'm bound
Unshackle me from there
I do not belong 'round here
Free thyself from these accursed lands
Brake the spell that tie the bands
The world is moving, shifting by
I'm standing without a reason why
nothing more may hold me
I'm really leaving now, goodbye


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You find god in the strangest places

I found god that day,
And in the strangest way.

Hiding in a friend that's given up hope,
Just days away from submitting to the rope.

"I have a plan" she would say.
"A plan to take all my pain away!"
"In a few days I'll be able to fly,
Because along with me, the weight of my burden will die!"

She just looks at me and smiles,
though I see she's trying not to cry.
Her stare just goes for miles,
And, I know I already asked, but all that comes out of my mouth is "...why?"

Then she breaks.

"You know what I did!" She begins to sob,
"I've never been loved, I've always been just a selfish snob!"

And as I try to deny the deeds she's claimed she's committed,
She doesn't hear a word. Defeat lies in her eyes,
She's already submitted...

And... I don't know what you would do if you we're in my place,
But, I kinda ran out of options sooo... I smacked her across the fucking face...

"If you die, your burdens just become one for another!"
"Think of your mother!"
"Your family your friends, all that just ends!"
"And you just want to throw it all away?"
"You really are a snob."
"So go ahead, just sit there, sulk and sob."

Then she finally looks up as if in her head is playing amazing grace,
And that's when I found it.
On that day, I found god in the expression on her face.
An expression of hope, of a second chance, like heaven just threw down a rope.
And while covered with tears, it was so bittersweet.
She then showed me a true smile and rose to her feet.

I found god that day.
That was the day I started to pray...
Heh, isn't that just the most peculiar way?

-The Hope (R.I.P)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I honestly wish I could still pray but I realized there's no god out there willing to hear me.

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Let us synthesize a placebo,
to make us lose ourselves
inside this bleeding catacomb.

Let us become lost, confused,
so we may rebuild ourselves
from the rubble of our ruin.

High pitch foghorns to flood our minds.

Quietness of the mind is a protest
in its own silence.
the television, confused vision, movie star, and liquor bar.
Hobbies busy societies
so the leaders may bleed ears,
deafened by the cell phone,
defended by an overtone.

Passiveness is the new dress.
Slogans to stop all pens
from writing
about stopping…………stop.

-Ryan K. Fuller

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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