Monthly Archive for April 2014

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A SEASON Poem heatherburns35 Apr 22nd
A COMING TOGETHER Poem heatherburns35 Apr 22nd
THE WORLD BEYOND Poem heatherburns35 Apr 22nd
Walking With Fear Poem pinkdot7 Apr 22nd
Ignorance Is Not Bliss (If Treachery Involved) Poem MonteThePoet #depression #sad #personal #emotionless #scared #anxiety #faith #lifesigns #summer #life Apr 22nd
Flasbacks, Are All A Part ... Poem giajl Apr 22nd
A GLIMPSE INTO THE PAST Prose heatherburns35 Apr 22nd
mother nature doesn't copyright Poem saiom2 buckminster fuller, fibonacci, geodesic dome, kingfisher, pinecones, velcro Apr 23rd
Bhagavad Gita, Koran, Tao Te Ching, Bible, Pali Sutras, Torah Poem saiom2 Apr 23rd
That Girl Poem THATgirl Apr 23rd
A Conversation Poem theLittle 1 Apr 23rd
The Promise Poem b.n.souza Apr 23rd
Night Terrors Poem abbiespoetry Apr 23rd
From The Arch In Her Back Poem Silver__lining Apr 23rd
A Fast Pulse Poem Silver__lining Apr 23rd
It's Out of My Hands Poem Silver__lining Apr 23rd
Then End Poem Silver__lining Apr 23rd
Without Your Smile Poem Silver__lining Apr 23rd
My Refelction Poem Silver__lining Apr 23rd
Demon I've Become or Angel You're Not Poem Silver__lining Apr 23rd
A Special Part Of My Heart Is Kept For You Poem Silver__lining Apr 23rd
In The Haze Of The Letdown Poem Silver__lining Apr 23rd
Could You Close This Curtain? Poem Silver__lining Apr 23rd
ELAINE'S NEW HOPE. Poem Dadio 1962, boy, girl, love Apr 23rd
WITH US TODAY. Poem Dadio father, mourning, son Apr 23rd
Global Warming Poem KingofWords Global Warming Apr 23rd
you arent welcome in my world Poem Elfy 1 Apr 23rd
Your Beauty Amazed Me Poem KingofWords Beauty Apr 23rd
Triduum Begin Poem Atramentous Apr 23rd
Time Told Poem Atramentous Apr 23rd
Legionnaire Poem Atramentous Apr 23rd
Calling all poets! Poem 9inety 4 Apr 23rd
You're Hot , That's Why Poem giajl Apr 23rd
The Little Voice in Your Head Poem Chadical Apr 23rd
We Don't Know Shit Poem Chadical Apr 23rd
Have You Poem giajl Apr 23rd
Life as a Bubble Poem Nash Apr 23rd
Images....... Poem giajl Apr 23rd
I'll Never Be Poem giajl Apr 23rd
Untitled Poem mckenmoo Apr 23rd
Deceiving Reflection Poem pinkdot7 Apr 23rd
fish are not vegetables Poem saiom2 all have souls, fish rights, Lisa Kleypas Apr 23rd
Crafting an Image Poem Nash 1 Apr 23rd
Machiavellian Chameleon Poem saiom2 camellia, carnelian, Chameleon, machiavelli Apr 23rd
vulnerable ants Poem saiom2 Apr 23rd
Flesheating Bacteria: Necrotizing Fascilitis Poem saiom2 flesheating bacteria Apr 23rd
Cancer Poem not_an_addict breast cancer, mother Apr 23rd
For Those That Disappeared Poem giajl Apr 23rd
Beautiful Lady Prose snuffy a secret love Apr 23rd
Prochoice Prolife Prose saiom2 breach births, ectopic pregnancies, MRSA, placental abruptions, prochoice, prolife Apr 23rd
American Oligarchs: The Koch Brothers Prose saiom2 41.2 billion each, gas, Koch Brothers, Oil Apr 23rd
To life Poem humanpulse Apr 24th
Beloved Poem wayfarer Apr 24th
Dead Squid on the Interstate Poem Sivus Apr 24th
Think Before You Speak Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 24th
Razor Blade Serenade Poem word_man Apr 24th
Urban Twilight Poem MonteThePoet # addiction # love # disapointement # life # heart # truth # suffering # death # sadness # pain # weak # happiness # secrets # gold # sunlight # dawn # madness # darkness # flowers # trees # demons Apr 24th
I Believe In Magic Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 24th
AFTER BIOLOGY IN 1962. Poem Dadio biology, boys, girl, School Apr 24th
Fire And Ice Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 24th
Stand Your Ground Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 24th
Embrace Your Dreams Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 24th
Want To Be Remebered? (HINT: Be You) Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 24th
Afterglow Poem ReilaMorello 5 relationships musings emotions love loss fright insomnia Apr 24th
WHAT'S A TRUNK? Poem joy Apr 24th
Spring's Last Tune. Poem sweetwater 2 Apr 24th
Simple Smile Poem workm Apr 24th
Least we forget Poem running_with_rabbits 7 Apr 24th
Blossom Poem Beavis 8 Apr 24th
Utilitarianism Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Apr 24th
Qualm before the storm Poem running_with_rabbits 6 Apr 24th
I loved therefore I lost Poem running_with_rabbits 10 Apr 24th
I’m giving up on you Poem running_with_rabbits Apr 24th
One of these metaphors is me the other is you Poem running_with_rabbits 8 Apr 24th
sound the horn. Poem SSmoothie 4 Apr 24th
Avaloniad, 2: Lunch, With Caiphas, At Annas' House Poem Starward Apr 24th
Life is a Merry-Go-Round Poem metaphorist Apr 24th
You Get Me Poem metaphorist Apr 24th
I've Known Love Poem metaphorist 1 Apr 24th
Twins Prose humanpulse Apr 24th
The Last Flight Poem Alvaro Apr 25th
Struggle for Neutrality Poem 48daniel Apr 25th
Years Long Dead Poem MissingAnon Apr 25th
In My Head Poem MissingAnon Apr 25th
An Absurd Existence Poem Bleu-Beat 1 #absurdism #life #journey #personal Apr 25th
Everything Poem theforgotten Apr 25th
Bicycle Park Ride Poem Raul Apr 25th
Insanity Poem TheTimsLife Apr 25th
Meaning Poem Sky on writing, POETRY Apr 25th
Determination Poem Sky Determination, Perseverance, work hard Apr 25th
A Fading Bonfire Poem luismf01 Flash Fiction Bonfire Love Apr 25th
PACKAGE OF LIEF Poem pbenarumairaj Life's package is nothing but 'Happiness and Sorrows' that are in the offing. The one who knows how to tackle the problems will enjoy to the fullest extent Apr 25th
What it's worth Poem crimsoncrow Apr 25th
What Happened? Poem crimsoncrow #lies #relationships #betrayed #used #feelings Apr 25th
Better Luck in College, Charles Poem mariogamez Apr 25th
Mirror - rorriM Poem crimsoncrow discouraging Apr 25th
For My Fellow Freaks Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 25th
Be Good To Others Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 25th
Embrace Who You Are (Flaws And All) Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 25th
Now Poem Solitary-Soul #Aging #Regret Apr 25th
Lost Life; Eternal Strife Poem Solitary-Soul #grief #love #death Apr 25th
Subconscious Beach; Limitless Ocean Poem Solitary-Soul 1 #subconscious #deep Apr 25th
The Last Day Poem Solitary-Soul #haiku #love #death Apr 25th
Stand Proud (As A Non Conformist) Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 25th
Chaotic Flight; Emotionless Struggle Poem Solitary-Soul #weak #doll #love Apr 25th
Similar Sounds Poem Sky Word Play Apr 25th
The Subdued Irishman Poem Sivus Apr 25th
Our product Poem Imprinted-soul 4 # addiction # love #learninlove #theone #brokenheart Apr 25th
Undeniable Truth Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 25th
THE PATHS WE CHOOSE Poem joy 1 Apr 25th
I can See You Walking in Slow Motion Poem KingofWords Beloved's Walk in Slow Motion Apr 25th
Poetic fools Poem Saachi 2 Apr 25th
Was I .... Poem giajl Apr 25th
rendezvous with Déjà vu Poem 9inety 2 Apr 25th
the light Poem jj_sanchez68 Short Story Apr 25th
Fear Poem danielavg94 Apr 25th
remember to forget Poem millyardo 2 heartbreak Apr 25th
Paper, Paper, Scissors Poem millyardo love Apr 25th
Cloudy Day Poem L_Lujan cloudy day, Flash Fiction Apr 25th
April Love Poem saiom2 red maple blossom grass blade pine cone Apr 25th
Texas Winds Poem saiom2 Apr 25th
Blind Poem Seraphim 5 Apathy atlas broken broken wings Cursed Dark day death Depression doom helplessness Life light loss love night Pain Peace Phoenix Redemption relationship sadness second chances Seraphim time War Apr 25th
Odyssey between two sides of earth Poem Dimitriand Apr 25th
HANGING IN THE AIR. Poem Dadio father, MOURNS, son Apr 25th
Saving My Soul Poem wayfarer Apr 25th
Blood Line Poem grimfate Apr 25th
A Game Of Shadows Poem grimfate Apr 25th
About time Prose hfv01 Apr 25th
BLUE WEDDING Prose Ana.Barbara Apr 25th
These chains Poem Imprinted-soul 4 Apr 26th
God helps those who help themselves Poem randyjohnson Faith, God, religion, worship Apr 26th
CONTRITE Poem AngryLaughter 1 Apr 26th
Terrors Poem AngryLaughter Apr 26th
Xenos Poem AngryLaughter Apr 26th
Please, read this. PLEAse. prove to youself im lien but you wont be able to this this is sad but if you dont want to wake up dont read and start this journey Poem millyardo In The Real World Apr 26th
Noah Poem theLittle Apr 26th
Sangria Poem running_with_rabbits 6 Apr 26th
Nuances: That Nuclear Winter Poem Starward Apr 26th
Creator or created? Poem Imprinted-soul 2 Apr 26th
Fool, Crazy, Or Wise (Which Are You) Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 26th
My Dream For The Future Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 26th
We Are Not Powerless Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 26th
Thank Your Lucky Star Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 26th
Pawned Poem bishu 4 Apr 26th
Live For Why Not Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 26th
PRETZEL DAY Poem joy Apr 26th
Rocking Chairs Poem ADAPT Apr 26th
touch you, hold you, kiss you.... Poem torch Apr 26th
Nocturnes: The Legacy . . . He Says . . . Poem Starward Apr 26th
The Word Made Reality Poem saiom2 word reality vow Apr 26th
Dust Poem KingofWords 2 dust Apr 26th
tiny cloud loom Poem saiom2 Apr 26th
demons Poem saiom2 Apr 26th
vibuthi ring Poem saiom2 Apr 26th
First Kiss Poem 48daniel 2 Apr 26th
Forever Welfare Poem belladonna 1 Apr 26th
Sleep Tight Babe Prose humanpulse Apr 26th
Ebay Power Seller Prose owlcrkbrg 1 Apr 26th
Oblivious Poem Contrasola 2 death, Life, short Apr 27th
Essence Poem Imprinted-soul 3 Apr 27th
Prince Slow Ride Poem Chadical Apr 27th
Who Am I Poem Daniel_Simp # love # hope # relationships #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #waiting, sad Apr 27th
Sleepless Nights Poem Mikaykay relationships musings emotions love loss fright insomnia Apr 27th
climbing the wall Poem nightlight1220 4 breakthrough, heart touch, trading places Apr 27th
climbing the wall Poem nightlight1220 4 breakthrough, heart touch, trading places Apr 27th
Puzzle of a Lovely Girl’s Name! Poem KingofWords 3 puzzle Apr 27th
A King's Message Poem ladyreck horror wolves, Mystery, Undead Apr 27th
Lover's Tree Poem ladyreck Apr 27th
Her Soul Poem ladyreck love, romance Apr 27th
The Witches Dead Time Story Poem ladyreck Apr 27th
The Staggerer Poem ladyreck horror, Undead Apr 27th
Without You Poem ladyreck Apr 27th
One With Nature Poem ladyreck Apr 27th
An Allergic Reaction To Imagination Poem ladyreck Apr 27th
The Old Storyteller Poem ladyreck Apr 27th
A Tale of Old Poem ladyreck Apr 27th
A Tale Untold Till Now Poem ladyreck Apr 27th
Emotional Poem ladyreck Apr 27th
The Face In The Mirror Poem ladyreck Apr 27th
Gloria died today Poem gguzman2 1 Apr 27th
Seducing Medusa Poem Chadical 2 Apr 27th
Asking for advice -- NOT A POEM I REALLY NEED ADVICE Poem b.n.souza 4 Apr 27th
Change For The Right People Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 27th
My Brothers And Sisters Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 27th
MIRIAM AT BURGOS IN 1970. Poem Dadio 1970, boy, BURGOS, girl Apr 27th
sweetly assasinated Poem SSmoothie 2 sweetly assassinated Apr 27th
Papyrus Vs Blogs Poem Tajudeen 3 #addiction #love #I #blessings #life #thought #age #failure #nature #faith Apr 27th
OUR EYES Poem joy Apr 27th
A Backwater Flash. Poem Tajudeen #beauty #nature #spring Apr 27th
Blessed Fate. Poem Tajudeen #beauty #nature Apr 27th
Blissful Write. Poem Tajudeen love romance dreams Apr 27th
A Flood in Memory Poem Tajudeen #beauty #nature #death #illness #family #dying #frail #weak #strong #strength Apr 27th
Kingdoms Lost. Poem Tajudeen #beauty #nature #death #illness #family #dying #frail #weak #strong #strength Apr 27th
A Kite's Fate Poem Tajudeen #beauty #nature #leaves #fall Apr 27th
Don't Cry Poem giajl Apr 27th
Vodka Poem giajl Apr 27th
Once Again, .........Apparently Poem giajl Apr 27th
To See Life in Her Eyes Poem toseelifeinhereyes #love #hope #romance #lesbian #beauty #pure #innocent #soul Apr 27th
Simply Simple Poem toseelifeinhereyes #love #simple #romantic #beauty #beautiful #hope #distance Apr 27th
Sunlight Poem ADAPT 1 Apr 27th
Blur Poem GOHIL48 Apr 27th
In The a Poem giajl Apr 27th
What If. Tree Should Fall? Poem giajl Apr 27th
Untitled Poem Zimmy #Society #life #poetry Apr 27th
TODAY I FEAST LIKE A QUEEN Poem AquariusMoon Apr 27th
Tunes of Glory..... Poem giajl Apr 27th
In Tender Years Poem giajl Apr 27th
push Poem ADAPT Apr 27th
Weakly Poem Chadical Apr 27th
HOPE ( Half Empty Or Half Full ) Poem sweetwater Apr 27th
A new dawn Poem dmml # addiction # love # disapointement # life # heart # truth # suffering # pain # weak # happiness # secrets # gold # sunlight # dawn # madness # darkness # flowers # trees # demons, nature, poem, sun Apr 27th
CRACKS IN THE FACADE Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 27th
SHE Poem AquariusMoon 1 Apr 27th
Two Point of View Prose Jaay 1 Apr 27th
Lonely Breakfast Prose Chadical Apr 27th
Loves Anonymous Poem WiseWolf # addiction # love # disapointement # life # heart # truth # suffering # death # sadness # pain # weak # story # happiness # empty # drugs # darkness # belief #strength # joy # redemption # fighter Apr 28th
Eternity of happiness & love Poem AngelofDarkness Apr 28th
tale of beauty Poem K.D Apr 28th
ANNE BEFORE BREAKFAST. Poem Dadio 1950S, boy, girl, NURSING HOME Apr 28th
A cool summer Breeze Poem dmml 2 disapointement # life # heart # truth # suffering # death # sadness # pain # weak # story # happiness # empty Apr 28th
ঘুমাও তুমি, আমি তোমার ঘুম দেখব Poem KingofWords ঘুম Apr 28th
Into My Soul Poem cathycavalcante 2 #soul #life #truths #lies Apr 28th
have you ever? Poem alone Apr 28th
goodbye Poem alone Apr 28th
over Poem alone 2 Apr 28th
friends Poem alone Apr 28th
you tell me! Poem alone 1 Apr 28th
Anchors Poem Seraphim 1 Apathy atlas broken broken wings Cursed Dark day death Depression doom helplessness Life light loss love night Pain Peace Phoenix Redemption relationship sadness second chances Seraphim time War Apr 28th
Portrait In Glass Poem saiom2 Ananda Mayee Ma, brain, etching, glass, portrait, Sathya Sai Baba, stroke, Tom Shroyer Apr 28th
Cactus And Lily Poem saiom2 blooming, cactus, christmas, dumpster, easter, lily Apr 28th
Timeless Images. Poem sweetwater 2 Apr 28th
In The Traff Poem giajl 2 Apr 28th
My Love.... Poem giajl 1 Apr 28th
Trumpets Of Renewal Poem saiom2 1 easter, fragrance, healing, joy, lilies, renewal, trumpets Apr 28th
Crazymaking Poem saiom2 calf delivery, delegation of butchering, feeding, slaughterhouse, watering Apr 28th
Que.... I'm Just, Not.... Poem giajl Apr 28th
I'm One of Aldershot's Poem giajl Apr 28th
I Have a Image Poem giajl Apr 28th
The US Postal Service Is Trying To Promote Circus Cruelty Prose saiom2 Animal Rights, Barnum and Bailey, circus cruelty, postmaster, Ringling Brothers, USPS Apr 28th
Rights Of Habeas Corpus For Chimps Prose saiom2 Alan Ditrich, Assisi, Catholic University, chimps, habeas corpus, Pope Francis, primate rights, Professor Destro, Steven Wise, Stonybrook Apr 28th
barbed wire barbarism Prose saiom2 barbed wire barbarism, many species, mothers injure themselves, thorns Apr 28th
(My) Poem Poem Devonic Apr 29th
Creating Poetry Poem WiseWolf # addiction # love #learninlove # life # truth # joy # happiness # beauty # beast # peace # music # soul # body # mind #emotions # awe # poetry # heart # humanity # words # sounds # water Apr 29th
I Lived Poem Stardust 9 Apr 29th
SISTER CLARE'S BRIDEGROOM. Poem Dadio Christ, Jesus, Life, love, nun Apr 29th
We are Something Poem Spareone 1 #beauty #nature #leaves #fall, #death #Heaven #Afterlife #Funeral #Love #Acceptance #Life #MovingOn #Profound #Existential #death, Life, something Apr 29th
Lovable Villain Poem deepblue Apr 29th