Don't Cry

Drunken Thoughts

Don't Cry.....


Write me a piece of poetry 

While you hold me tenderly 

And whisper it,.... in my ear

Just so you can....

Say good bye to me,


Then I'll just become a memory.

A mere interlude in time

Of a moment where we spent it

as one .


Have another sip of your wine..... it will help wash away your tears.

Please Try not to think of me.

For While ...when I have 

drink it's not, to forget,


But to remember......for it was...

A majik mystical time, of dreams.

Of frosty breath and crystal clear nights


Where we talked of stars and mythical beasts 

For me it was good ......and ,

Which ever way, I hope that it was , good .....for you too.


I'm just not worth it.

Giajl © Jim Love 

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