Today, blue skies. Dilated eyes.

Living for today.

Sometimes forever is just one moment.

So let's make this one count.

It brings a smile to my face knowing I have some friends I could never replace.

Who said life is a road to travel alone.

So let's group up and build us one big beautiful home.

When skies are grey your eyes will be the sunlight to keep me away from the gloom.

Intentions pure.

Losing my self in love to drown out my fear.

Beauty never fades away if you percieve with your soul and not your eyes.

Stray from the scripts you thought you were following.

Let your heart guide you to everything you desire.

I love and I admire. So let's walk together.

With love for each other we could bare any weather.

The storm may beat us down and take away our strength

but when the sunlight peers through the clouds and I can once again see the light reflect from your eyes.

We will finally be free from our minds grasp in witch we thought we were lost.

And we will know we finally made it home.

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    A nice poem, you have



A nice poem, you have crafted well this poem, and so full of love. Hope the love you have found is steadfast,     great writing and a good read.