Drunken Thoughts

Vodka ....


We don't always get what we want in life .



They say.....

It's all about?

What you mean to me.

How I feel about you,

And how we feel about each other.

So you just gotta get up and make your play.

Don't cha worry .....

Tomorrow s another day!

Time to pack the bags an,

Follow the sun.

Get some air beneath your wings.

I hoping for an after life....

No bands of gold

No bond of love 

or chains of hate

No reminders 

to make

My life dissipate !

Whether heaven or in hell?

I might meet you with the angels,

If I'm late for the re org......

I doubt I'll see you in heaven :(

As I've shared paradise on earth with you ;))

And I've got table booked for.... 600 in Valhalla's hall !

When I feel I'm  crowded's , because of my brothers!

Just say that you knew me,

If they care to ask about me.

Tell them, That I loved you deeply...... Though,

even you did not understand me.


Does this to me sometimes 


( mmmm perhaps a lot)!!!

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