Fool, Crazy, Or Wise (Which Are You)

Only fools
Go after power
Because they think
It will make
Them happy
The wise
Go for
What fulfills
Their soul
And makes
Them feel
The greedy
Go after money

And in the end
Can never
Get enough

The wise
Take pleasure
In doing
What they love
And enjoy
The simple things
In life
And of those
They also
Can't get
The greedy
And the power hungry

Often lose themselves
In what they seek
The wise lose
In what they seek too
But they gain
A peace of mind
The others don't
So tell me
Which are you
Are you one
Who seeks
In things
That will ultimately
Consume and
Destroy all
That is you
Or are you
One of the wise
Whose happiness lies
In the beauty
Of the world
Right before

Your eyes

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