Urban Twilight

Is it meant to be this hard? My love life is falling apart.
My girlfriend's mother said things that's wrong and off the wall.
Her mother said "If I ever catch you with that low down dirty dog I'm calling the law"
 I didn't know at the time I came over to spend time.
I thought everything was fine until she came outside crying out her eyes.
She's screaming "I no longer want to be alive"
And hearing that hurt me inside I'm not going to lie.
I started to wipe away her tears but still I sense her fear.
Then she said the police are on their way here to arrest me.
I couldn't believe my eyes have the look of disbelief.
But I continue to proceed to listen to her pains hoping my input would bring in change.
Told her to maintain in this world where we're in constant strand
As I embrace her in my arms told her I won't let anything on this earth harm her.
Her tears stained my shirt but as we talked we're still on high alert.
But as the night grew old I had to go "I love you's" exchanged.
I walked away into the silence of the night.
That was surely ruin by the flashing blue lights and loud sirens!
Police aimed at me like I was a tyrant told me to lay down before they started firing!
So I comply because I don't want to die!
Just another part and in this Urban Twilight.
Why this happen in my life!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

 Love life is a wild rollercoaster ride and I purchased a ticket for it