The Lost Ones/ My Lost Friend

I locked myself behind this door to cut the probability of random events, and pretense. Foul intent is a common trait now days. There is no more loyalty, friends are potencial foes, and cunning enemys were your friends along, waiting for chance. This is life, today beneficial ties constitutes friendship, and love, it is dead, and been gone for awhile now. We live a ackward dance, in a mascaraed ball, masking self, and in pretending we forget who we are. Thus we are strangers, we are strange, and becoming stranger, betraying our reflections. So uncomfortable in the gaze looking back from the mirror, you have to look away, eyes saying you can fool everyone else, but not self. In the end you are your own worst enemy, and need a new name. But its never to late to be yourself, your real friends are still thinking of you, time and again.

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Like ur writing style...

Like ur writing style... Beautiful

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thank you sir

thank you sir