How Do You Know?

Love is funny. It starts as an attraction and grows into a feeling in your stomach that makes you giddy. How do you know when you love someone?

When you look up from your work and see him staring like he's been doing it for a while and you lock eyes, how do you know he has a crush on you?

Arguing with those you love is common place. How do you know you're right and they're wrong?

When one word from you can tip the scales of another's life, how do you know you made the right decision?

A person goes to church but in their heart does not believe in their god's existence yet prays to him for help and forgiveness. How do you know God does or does not exist?

As you are questioned, you question the forces around you. How do you know they do not act out of hate or jealousy?

When you are ridiculed and spat on, your being taunted and kicked where it stands, your world narrows to one thought: how do you know I will not grow to be your superior, your better, the curer of cancer, or the most renowned author ever?

How do you know that I am not better than you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For those who question themselves feverishly, like myself.

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Beatnik1979's picture

well done

I can relate to this, as I too question everything.  I guess its just my nature.

Very thought provoking.