It’s a day that came with all kinds of burdens

It’s been discarded and it knows it has

She carried the cost so it would feel safe to walk

“If any living being has been harmed it comes with a weight”

“It needs more care”

What haven’t you considered?

Can you see it in her footsteps?

That the day has been discarded

And it knows it has


Author's Notes/Comments: 

it was a hard lecture..and I don't think the prof paid any attention to how many women stopped writing and started doodling or staring at the wall when he went on his rant about how according to Utilitarianism rape can be a moral moive in war :/ 

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Mill has his good points...POV ;-)

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all philospher's have their

all philospher's have their good points, just some philosophers have less than others.....

Much Love


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And Mill is a BORING read!

And Mill is a BORING read! ;-)

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yawn..... ;)

Much Love