Rocking Chairs

I just wrote this short story too this song right now: "Through the door is an elderly man in a cabin. Silently slowly rocking in his wooden rocking chair upon the wooden floor. The room is silent all you can hear is the creaking of the chair the crackle of the fire in the fireplace and the wind chimes.. The room is filled with pictures of his life. his family. His accomplishments. the urn of his wife is sitting upon the mantelpiece. This man is holding a mirror and he has been gazing it it for hours. He does not part with this silver hand held mirror. Rocking back in forth. over. and over. and over. not loosing any focus from the mirror. The mirror is not just a reflection of his reality.. Its a reflection of his life. Memories playing out through the mirror like a movie screen. Encased by everything that he sees and gets to re live. He is 13 again, hes hiking with his friends in the forest and they build a fort together. they scribble on the walls of the fort of things they loved. .laughing and loving this was not just a fort. it was a sanctuary. a home away from home. He looks away from the mirror and glances at a piece of wood that has his and his recently deceased wife's name written upon the wall. The carving looks as if its dated to over 50 years old. The man looks back to the mirror. This time he is 15 and he is in a car swaying down the road going withe the flow of the wind calm and comfortable. The weather is warm and the sky is blue. They are strolling through a tunnel when another car spins out of control and collides head on with the vehicle This boy is in, the vehicle rolls three times and lands face down tires to the sky. . trapped In the back seat as he is stuck looking at his parents bodies he is in tears of horror and sadness. A fireman grabs the 15 year old boy out of the car through the shattered back window. The boy get up and runs. escaping the grip of the fireman and all of everyone's else's grasp. He runs unable to cope with whats happened. Running miles home to the fort he built. His only safe place. He spends the night with rain leaking through the roof and thunder and lightning crashing above him. The man looks up at his last photo ever taken with his family at the little leagues game. Next to it is a picture of 4 of his teammates together posing like they just won a game. The picture next to it was a picture of the friends in there 20's with a flag on the tree fort that has been refurbished into a cabin. The man gazes back into the mirror and he sees a wedding. with the same 4 people that won the game standing beside him as this 25 year old man marries the women of his dreams. The mirrors portraits begin to flash and be glimpses of countless times spent through out life. The happiest of times. The quietest of times, the most desperate of times and the most perfect of times. Images of road trips. Laughter. Sunsets. smiles. and things this man kept close to his heart. He looks up at his walls to see the same pictures portray the visions he has seen in the mirror. Silently rocking. listening to the crackle of fire listening to wind chimes. admiring how in sync the fire and the wind are with the sound of the rocking chair. making soothing music to comfort the soul. The man gazes at the mirror and a memory switching between two funerals happening at two separate occasions years apart are playing together simultaneously. The tombs read two of the four names of the people in the little league photos. He continues to gaze and look through this mirror seeing every memory that can come to mind. Getting lost in the reliving of his past. experiencing everything all over again. The man hears footsteps and the sound of a Cain entering the room at a very peaceful and quite pace. The man is still absorbed in the mirror. The presence slowly approaches the rocker next to his. and sits down. The man holding the mirror finally acknowledges his presence. He looks over its the third person in the little league photos only he has aged about 50 years. The man puts down the mirror. Smiles at his friend. and they make a simultaneously chuckle as they sit silently together rocking at the same pace in the room watching the fire. Together in reality but lost in their own minds. not needing to speak to interact. Relieving the memories they made along the years keeping everyone inside of their minds alive."

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