For Those That Disappeared

For Those that Disappeared 


I walked down their lonely lanes.

In the quiet of the night.

While moonbeams danced,

On glistening leaves.

While they lay earthbound....

With a rock upon their chest.


With gleaming teeth, he smiled.

And smugly he sat.

With eyes,as black as coal.

Those mirrors,doorways to his soul. Remained.

Impassive and cold.

"We are all equally guilty", says he.

But it's not an admission of "his" guilt.


From the cover of the darkness .


with murder in their hearts,

stood and watched......

And the banshee wailed,

because, of 

"one mans'"deeds.


And so.....

As one, they stayed within their silence.

Though their grief, was self apparent.

T'was fear, that brought them together.

Of the midnight knock, of the gun it brought. 

Of promises of silence.

Of threats , long past of further deeds of violence.

And these....


are not forgotten.

Giajl © Jim Love


Northern Ireland. The "Disappeared", those that were murdered by their own.

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