the light

The last thing Jim remembers is being hit in the back of the head, as he was walking down Arizona rd. last night as he was walking home. Now he’s in some kind of dessert, he feels his body really heavy, Jim is almost naked and has an incredible headache. Let’s think logic Jim thought, probably I was assaulted they take all my stuff and leave me here in the middle of nowhere, I better look for help. So Jim started walking through the dessert feeling how the heat touched his skin and feeling how he was getting more tired as every minute passed, when finally a highway appeared and didn’t seem much transited but a big truck appeared as Jim was giving the thumb up signal for a ride, the truck parked immediately in front of him. The driver of the truck was a tall white man, Jim asked for water as the driver took out a little bottle of fresh water down his seat, then Jim asked for his name he simply said “My friends call me Doc”,  apparently Doc was not much as a talker he didn’t answered the consequent questions that Jim popped out, and also seemed strange that he didn’t ask anything about the almost naked man he had just picked up in the middle of the dessert, maybe it’s more common that what I think Jim said. Jimmy was staring at the view outside the window, he didn’t know where he was nor where he was going but he felt kind of safe with Doc, he seemed like a good person an anything was better than dying in the dessert. Suddenly in the distance Jim sees a tunnel that cross a mountain down the middle, something happened, the sky turned black as they were approaching the tunnel, lightings and heavy rain started falling down the sky and he could not see anything beside the highway they were and the tunnel approaching, Doc started stepping on the gas, as he started screaming “Come on! Come on!”, the black color that was covering the sides of the highway started moving like they were chasing the truck, and at the same time the tunnel started seemed to be getting smaller and smaller, Doc was screaming louder every time, and Jimmy had never been so scared in his life, he covered his eyes even though he wanted to see if they would make it or not into the tunnel, then complete darkness. Jim though he was dead but when he opened his eyes he saw he was inside of the tunnel and Doc was saying “We are good, we are good”, then he saw a light at the end of the tunnel, what a cliché he thought and then as they get out of the tunnel something changes, Jim is still seeing a bright light but now he realizes he’s lay down and that bright light comes from a lamp, the kind is used in hospital surgery  rooms, he cannot move his arms neither his legs, it seems like are tied up, he feels something inside his throat and nose,  he starts feeling panic he wants to scape,  but then he hears a familiar voice, Doc’s voice saying  “Calm down kid, everything is all right, you did it”.

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