Qualm before the storm



I’m drowning in myself

A sorted sea of disbelief and stress


A bad pun making fun of itself

Being picky at best rhetorical at worse, and easily swayed to sedation


They say it works

But one needs breathe and everyone knows one cannot breathe when drowning

They simply flail

Gasp for air

And lose focus



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There's something that I can't get my finger on that keeps pulling me back to this one.  It's playful, yet dark; serious, but nonchalant, universal. And reading yours brought to mind an old favorite by Stevie Smith, forging another connection. Ok, I think I love it & I'm glad I didn't just read it once & move on ;-)

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I wrote this in class and missed what the prof said, and then thought to myself "now you my dear poem are not worth missing that explination" and here I sit corrected ;)

Much Love


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You certainly made a couple

You certainly made a couple of nights & days for me with this one. It's a richochet poem; just keeps bouncing around and off things in my mind ;-)

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glad I wrote it down then! I love richochet poems! lord knows you've written a couple yourself :)

Much Love


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Distracted? No, absorbed in intense self reflection, oh the deluge of that which takes the breath away. Not ego, excavation of the inside - I felt this one five times - it said so much more with each reading - Thanks for missing the Profs explanation. You can always tap someone else's notes ;D - Just Bein' Lady A




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<3 thanks love, I'll ignore a prof anyday for you ;)

Much Love