Into My Soul

Soul Poetry



The door is widened-open,

I've nothing ever, which to hide,

Take the journey, to the real me,

Feel free to make entrance, inside.


Its there, lying prone, lying bare,

For all the world, who choose to see,

My story, my life, my very soul...

The very essence and core, of me.


Nothing is ever hidden there,

Away from prying, curious eyes-

For I'm just but, an open book,

Without any concealed truths, nor lies.


Those that truly know me now,

Well, they know my soul is true.

Those who judge and question,

Will never be able, to break on through.


For my soul, they can never, enter in,

When they refuse, to really perceive.

For the very truths, that inside I harbor,

Make no sense, to those who deceive.



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cevance's picture

A sheer delight reading your

A sheer delight reading your words.

cathycavalcante's picture

Your comments flatter me

Your comments flatter me fellow poet.

I thank you kindly, Sir. :)