Global Warming

 Can’t you decipher the singing?

 Of the nightingale,

 And the grudge of the sky,

 Against the warming.


The earth can’t stand enough,

 The poisoning slow,

 Yet it is gifted to roar,

 Through a manner tough.


Natures grudge is beyond tolerance,

 Appearing in the guise of cyclone,

 Tsunami, earthquake, flood and drought,

 Should we act like Oedipus and stop to timely sense?


  Who else should be blamed?

 Other than us, the humans,

 It’s time for us to act right,

 Before the days are doomed.


When the mute world speaks,

 When the nature turns out to be rancorous,

 All we do is pray looking at the heavens above,

 And ‘HELP’ is the only thing that humanity seeks.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the last stanza, the term 'mute world speaks' indicates the anger of Mother Nature in the form of natural disasters.


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