I take pride in everything I do. 





Disc golfing




Inspiring others



I always make an effort to push myself to do better. There is always something else to learn. 

I am pretty damn proud of myself for everything I taught myself over the years. I believe I am on the right path to living out my dreams. I am already doing everything I love. Life isn't about money. Its about enjoying yourself. I am thoroughly content with life. I'll keep pushing myself to be the best me I can be. I am making a difference. That's all that matters. I don't need a school or a degree to be educated I learn better through experience. I experienced quite a lot in life. I am thankful for all I have lived through the good and the bad. Its shaped me into who I am today. Happiness is internal. Nothing can take that away from me. I am on the road to greatness. Life is all about flow. I have already made it in my eyes. I don't need a huge paycheck to prove to people my worth. I am worth far more than any amount of material wealth. My soul is golden. My heart is priceless. I'll keep doing what I love regardless if I get recognition for it or not. If money is your only drive to do things you are lacking heart and soul. I'd give my last dollar away if I knew it would benefit you more than me. Create something for your enjoyment. Who cares what the quality of your work is. Try your best and push yourself to do better each time. We spend way too much time try to impress other people and few to little time trying to impress ourselves. Do what you love because you love it. Not because you will obtain any type of financial gain from it. If I die poor but lived the best I could and continued to do what I love because it makes me happy. Then I lived the best I could and I would consider myself more successful than someone who was rich and followed financial gain instead of his dreams. Stay true to yourself.

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