Anne put her crutches
by the table
on the lawn
and sat next to me


how's it going Kid?
I said
what's for breakfast?


porridge or cereal
or toast
I said
no egg and bacon


and sausages?
she said
I said


fuck me
she said
who eats toast
or porridge


or  cereals?
pass me a glass
and pour me
some of that


orange muck
I poured her
a glass of orange juice
and put it


by her hand
she sipped it
I've tasted better
she said


I want you
to push me
down to the beach
later Kid


can't stick
being stuck
with these other kids
they drive me


up the wall
with their
nonsense with the nuns


especially Sister Paul
the stuck up bitch
I looked back
towards the nursing home


other kids
were sitting about
other tables
and here and there


a nun was attending
to them
got any more wine gums
from your mother?


she asked me
no they've gone
Sister Bridget took them
to share


amongst the others
bloody communist
she said
I looked at her


sitting in the chair
her one leg visible
the stump
of the other leg


hidden beneath
her blue dress
the dress had little
anchors and boats


on it
had your look Kid?
she said
you're always trying


to look at my stump
aren't you?
I can't help it
my eyes are drawn


to the missing leg
I said
she lifted her dress
and showed


the stump of leg
have a good look Kid
I looked at the stump
then looked away


towards the windows
of the nursing home
when do you want
to go to the beach?


I asked
as soon as I’ve had breakfast
she said
she pulled down


her dress to cover her stump
and sipped the juice
the red ribbon
in her dark


straight hair
had come loose.

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