Timeless Images.



A festive air, and pinewood scent.

Christmas greetings truly meant.

A blazing fire with logs beside.

Gift's beneath the tree, to hide.


A chilly wind, will we have snow?

Hands and faces all aglow.

Lantern's swinging, carol singing.

Hot mince pies and church bell's ringing.


Stained glass windows glowing bright.

Advent candles, all alight.

Sombre church, choir seated. 

Through the years a scene repeated.










Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sorting through some old poetry paperwork today, and found this one written about 4/5 years ago, completely forgotten about it. Decided to put it on here anyway, although it's the wrong time of year! 

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cevance's picture

Very nice one , Sue...

Very nice one , Sue... However - I've suffered enough winter.. Smile

sweetwater's picture

You really have, haven't you,

You really have, haven't you, so many things went wrong, poorly too. Apologies for dredging Christmas up at this time of year :( appreciate your comments though xx Sue.