Lover's Tree


“You took him, you took him from me and now you will pay,

Neither of you shall have freedom for another night nor day.

My curse you will suffer, never again shall you roam,

Shadows of the dark , the moss dampness you will call home.


Forever living in the forest, your legs become so still,

Moss covered and weathered, summer’s heat winter’s chill.,

To never know the joy again of running through fields flowers,

But always, yes always, feeling drenching showers.


Together as one you wished and now I make it so,

Arms become tree limbs, and with the winds blow.

Birds will nest upon your frame and ivy will entwine,

But never again will I loose what is mine.”


A final kiss, lover’s dance, looking into each others eyes,

Their hearts joined, arms entwined and tears fell from the sky.

True love held true no matter what curse befell,

Though many saw the tree, its kind they could never tell.

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