The Staggerer

The Staggerer


They come for me. I can hear them in the distance,

Silent tears I cry. The fast pace of my heart beat insistent.

If I run so many pitfalls, so many traps, death awaits,

But if I stay here, the outlook would be one of a grim fate.


Tis very foggy, the sights I behold will not be within my finger tips,

I can feel the eerie chill, silent tears upon my cheek falling upon my lips.

I shiver. the dampness of the night invades my bones and I stagger from my hiding place.

They have passed me by for the moment, Quietly, quietly or they will resume their chase.


My breath stilled as I saw a staggerer left behind, to trap me? To guard me?

To late the soft breeze, ah the scent of my fear, he turned, I tried to flee.

Skeletal fingers, putrid smell of death, eye sockets breath of fiery red,

The Staggerer called by some, no mind, no vision, a forever life of dead.


No, don’t screech your heartless cry of death, do not bring in more,

But he did. Answering calls, echos throughout the jungle they found what they searched for.

Me. Yes I was their prey and no hope anymore of escape.I struggled , then screamed,

Face to face, fiery eye sockets burning intensely devouring my soul, maybe it is a dream?


No it was not, was indeed a nightmare, but a very real one, much to real,

Weakness pulled at me. I tried to fight it, really I did but I could no longer feel.

Round and round like a child’s top I spun, surrounded by staggerers, fiery eyes ablaze,

But it mattered not any longer for my new world was one of a lost dead haze.


I was lead like a child to a massive hole and tossed in . I felt the impact, yet I did not,

What was I doing here? Where was I? Who was I? It was unimportant all these things I forgot.

So I just lay there without moving, without thinking, and perhaps without feeling,

No. I can not give up, I won’t give up my soul. I tried to rise, my mind reeling.


I turned on my stomach and pushed myself up on my knees, so very tiring,

But I must continue, had to go on, oh so much energy, my body was expiring.

I staggered, then giggled. A staggerer, no not yet, hope to never be,

So where was I?. I must feel my way around cause so dark I could not see


Ah an underground cave, there was a trace of light down a corridor to the right,

I could hear voices, I could hear screams, horrifying screams, gave me a fright.

But I must continue, I could not quit I had to escape. Oh I want to go home.

I peeked in the room with the light and had to stop a scream , blood hit bone.


Not mine, no. Something evil lurked in that room, A doctor perhaps, dressed as such.

Evil experiments, creating staggerers, but why? Oh my head hurt, this was too much.

So how to stop him. Think, think, Slowly my mind was coming back and was so relieved,

Boy how am I gonna explain this one back home, I really don’t think anyone will believe.


His back was turned so silent was my feet, I picked up a rock and hit him from behind,

No blood? No blood.His eye sockets were fiery red, the putrid smell of death and I’m in a bind.

I stagger around eye sockets fiery red, putrid smell of death. Something I should remember but I forget,

Skeletal fingers search for prey, darkness is my friend, something, yes something don’t remember but I regret.






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