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Roger had been an avid Ebay seller for over five years, but there came a time when he ran out of items to list, and prospects of finding items grew dim. One day, while idly searching Ebay listings, he came upon human skulls being offered, and saw that they were getting $850 to $1,200 each. 


"Aha!" thought Roger. "There are over 7 billion humans on Earth, all with at least one head, so obtaining just ten of them to list on Ebay shouldn't be a problem! If I sell all ten at an average of $1,000 each I'll be able to go to Reno for a while, get a room, and have a fine ol' time!"


Roger then signed-in to his craigslist account and under the "wanted" catagory he posted this: "Buying human heads. Skulls must be in good condition. No cracks or holes. Will pay $100 each.  Reply via email. Include phone number so I know it's not spam." 


The very next day he received an email. He called the phone number, and arranged to have the responder meet him at his house. Later that day two men arrived carrying a black, plastic garbage bag.  They introduced themselves as Tom and John. When they took a head out of the bag, Roger noticed right away it was missing several teeth, and looked like the head was once atop the neck of a homeless man. 


"Hmm." Sighed Roger.  "I should have mentioned in the ad that most of the teeth need to be intact.  Especially the front ones. A few missing on the sides will be okay, but I can only pay you $50 for this head." 


Tom and John agreed to the $50, and told Roger they might be able to get more heads, soon. After they left, Roger placed the head in a terrarium loaded with flesh-eating beetles he had bought on Ebay.  He figured it would take the beetles a few weeks to clean-up the head. 


Roger had the ten heads he wanted in less than a week. Tom and John brought all but one of them.  The head they didn't bring was the only one that had belonged to a woman. The face looked snarly and mean, and although the man who brought it didn't give his name or any details of where the head came from Roger was pretty sure it had once been attached to the neck of the man's wife. 


Roger could place two heads at a time in the terrarium with the flesh-eating beetles. He kept the others in a chest freezer. After about five weeks Roger put the first skull on Ebay at an opening bid of $1,199.00, and the first bid was placed just three hours after he listed it!


D. B. Tompsett



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I Need Roger's Address

Just kidding, but this is fine horror writing. If a true story, delete my first comment - then get me that address! - Just Bein' Lady A