The Witches Dead Time Story

The Witches Dead Time Story


“Y’all come in now afore she comes for you, do ye feel the winds blow?

That be her breath, hot air on which she travels, fire in her bloods life,

The longest of fingers, aye so sharp jagged edges of a knife.


Do ye hear her laughter? Aye a maniacal tune for sure,

The strength, the power, curse upon you, thick focellas fur.

It winds around her body, lending knowledges evil deeds,

And an icy stare, in glazed darkened eyes , oh and hearts bleed.


And now she’s coming, hurry little ones, hurry inside,

Run my darlings, run, you must run and hide.

The winds wrath gathered its force and the trees bowed low,

Children scurried inside, counting fingers and toes.


Good night my children goodnight, covers to their chins,

Sleep? But how with the witch just out doors waiting to be let in.

Oh come now, you can’t believe a tale such as that, it is just not true,

Tis only make believe, just a tale, so you do as you are told to do.


Do not be scared, hold not your fear, release your breath,

Understandable my little ones that you would be frightened to death.

Soothe, soothe, come, come, ease your mind and sleep,

Close your eyes and dream, and in a soft whisper, in she creeps.


Maniacal laughter invaded the house, enter the witch in the darkened room,

And in the end the story was indeed true, “Doomed I say, ah yes doomed.”


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