And I’m kneeling here wondering how this came to be,

Fresh earth, crumbled dirt, scattered footprints in memory.

As of yet I can not comprehend the why of it all.

I can feel a trace of tears, but still I can not recall.


Tis a mirror of pain, a tombstone that bears my identity,

I look, I watch, I touch, but oh I can not feel,is this my......infinity?

My forever? But no please how can this be? Why am I so very cold?

But in the end it does not really matter this tomb will hold.


Heart wrenching tears, ancient sobs, lost are my dreams of tomorrow,

Unknown to me the lost time I have been here, and the cause of my past sorrow.

Here, but not here, I can see but remain unseen, I can scream but none can hear,

I am sorrow, I am emptiness, I am pain, I am loneliness, my soul has disappeared.


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