Reynard and I
held back
after biology
while the other kids


had gone
and we walked up
the corridor
I could have scored that goal


if Goldfinch
hadn't got
in my way


he's always
where you don't
want him to be
Reynard said


I saw Jeanette
walking ahead of us
with her blonde friend Angela
Jeanette had class


I thought
her friend
was a short
mouthy girl


but Jeanette
was quite reserved
and looked at you
as if you had stepped


in her sunshine
but I liked her
and that quick kiss
I snatched the other day


still felt stuck

on my lips
Angela had short tight
blonde curls


Jeanette had long
dark hair reaching
her shoulders
I gazed


at her thin figure
her arms by her side
the satchel
over her shoulder


Reynard was still talking
about the football lunchtime
I was looking
at Jeanette’s sway


of hips almost unseen
yet visible
to the trained eye
the way her legs


came down
to her well heeled shoes
the white ankle socks
think we ought


to try get Frazer
on our side
he'd be great in goal
better than Dunton


the prat
he couldn't save a goal
if the ball
was as big as he was


Reynard said
yes we must get Frazer
I said
wondering how I’d get


that kiss
that Jeanette promised
the lips tempting
and her cheek


just visible
the place my lips
the other day


and the kiss
just stayed there
and wouldn't
go away.


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