An Allergic Reaction To Imagination

An Allergic Reaction To Imagination


No, no, no, wait a minute, rabbits cannot talk, quiet I can not think,

I was in my room, book in hand, when she brought me a cold drink.

So thick my tongue became, my mind twirling, thoughts in a jumble,

Ah I must dance, my feet began to move, I tripped oh such a tumble.


And then, well then I found my self here in a weirdly crooked maze,

Where rabbits talk and dice replace mice, oh my mind is in a daze.

“So tell me rabbit, tell me true, what lies yonder passed the crooked trees,

Or should I enter the questionable house, buried partway at least I see.”


“Oh I think not the house , so eerie in appearance gives me such a fright,”

Traveling onwards perhaps I should rethink. The trees tried to bite,

Totally taken back ,limbs turning to skeletal fingers reaching, trying to touch,

Rabbits following , “No, No, do not enter, you can’t go in,” Just a bit too much.


I fell to the ground, laughter’s madness gripping me tight, would not let go,

“But silly rabbit you can not talk.” Why are you looking at me? What do you know?”

Hands gripping me tightly, screams escaped my throat, I struggled to get away,

“Wake up, wake up please. Allergic reaction to the tea, but she will be okay.”


“No, no, it’s the rabbits, they have come to take me to the trees”

Don’t you hear their laughter, their voices are riding the breeze.”

Later I awoke such a weird dream, but I was over the flu, and that drugged tea,

I screamed.,There in my room at the foot of the bed was a white rabbit, grinning at me.



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