Simple Smile

A simple poem, for simple smile, that you show, drives me wild

All your beauty, in a dream, all your sweetness, it just seems

To hear your voice, very kind, good at heart, that I find

Dreaming of you, that I do, soft and lovely, through and through

In your eyes, I want to be, holding you, setting free

All of you, all over me, a beautiful feeling, I love to see

Sweetheart lover, whatever shall be, in this life, be and let be

To have that someone, to hold and love, from behind or above

Being happy, sharing a gift, its love I say, lets take that trip

This journey together, keeps us strong, sharing each other, its not wrong

Peace and love all the way, its meant to be, that’s what I say

Enjoy life, don’t think twice, a simple smile, then take a bite..

Dm  4/24/2014

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