A Tale Untold Till Now

A Tale Untold Till Now (part1)


Sunset beach so long ago,

A little wooden cottage all-aglow.

So peaceful it looked comfy and small,

And alone she sat prisoner of these walls.


Outside appearance ah nothing to fear,

But inside pain and misery held for years.

Why you might wonder her release she did not seek,

As with most fairy tales the prince held the key.


Or perhaps a knight in shining armor, Sean Connery type,

Umm well no matter which; its all just hype.

So this is a tale of boy rescues girl but what of the end?

But enough narration before the end it has to begin.


A raging storm with aging winds cast upon the shore,

Thunder echoed the distance and brutal rains poured.

The fiercest lightning charged vehemently over the drenched ground

There was no quarter given this night devastation surround,



So quickly it traveled never marking a straight path,

Was if it knew well this area that gained its wrath.

A once mighty oak massive and tall collapsed upon the earth

Failing in the battle of proving its past life's worth.


Aye and a chilling scream shattering her very soul,

As the earth divided those caught falling in a cavern below.

Escape, yes but quickly she must make haste,

Dragonat had found her and no time to waste.


The shield of Mindiara why did it fail to protect?

It should have hidden her well but was a reverse effect.

She must take her cloak for what was there could not be shown,

Placing Shayas hat upon her head see not want not and she was gone.


Maniacal laughter such a bone chilling recoil,

Each step he took chewing up the soil.

Fifteen feet tall he was eyes of fire that bled,

Icy fingers hooks of claws ripping the terrain to shreds.


Aye and a mythical creature he was escaped from times lost

Neither of earth nor of the sky's only a void where he was tossed.

Ah but revenge was sweet this a vow made,

The last five Scrans soon would meet their graves.


They thought to be so wise but in truth had failed,

But each in turn would suffer their own private hell.

He had been a Scran once and the mightiest of them all,

And Sarinana was responsible for his downfall.


Such power he held such a divine feel,

Freedom, ah yes, the freedom to kill.

Who was to say him nay? None had such strength as he,

Like the Hidden chameleon he could be as he chose to be.


A handsome knight no lady would protest,

Well not until they tasted his kiss of death.

Or perhaps a lady true searching for a knight,

With such ease his serrated teeth tore into each bite.


But enough of these games Mindiara would be first,

She thought to protect Sarinana but now she was cursed.

Her golden shield had held her strongest power,

So easily captured now temporarily locked in hells tower.


And the floor below in the murk of the swamp Triano was his guest,

A most handsome lad a warrior true but aided Sarinana in her quest.

He bellowed loudly a deathly pale mist emerged,

No more screams, no more lives, the town had been purged.


Once again she had escaped his wrath how could this be?

Unless, ah yes Shayas hat, you could not want what you could not see.

But something just didn't hold true why give their magic for her aid?

Well it was of no importance not long would she get away.


He stilled his body against the raging thunder skeletal fingers 

grasping air,

Twisting, turning, fiery eyes searching about everywhere.

"I see and I want, Sarinana you must come to me,

Lost land, our time, past time, future, it will be."


And lightning's steel shattered the night's shadows and the way was 


She traveled westward upon the earth so far away from home.

Neither Shayas hat nor Sarinanas cloak worked away from Shrina. The 

power weakened,

The golden shield had called to him pulling like a beacon.


But his power came from within aye he held the blood of the evil 


Century upon century and the Scrans had feared it.

Shaya must be dealt with and Hells Tower it would be,

Then he would show Sarinana the price her friends paid to help her 





(Part 2)


He stood six foot three hair the color of raven's wings,

He mourns. The saddest of songs he sings.

The lightest eyes of blue never hiding his tears,

And indeed it was a first for his twenty some years.


Food for his starving village the hunt had gone well,

But on his return was met with flaming fires of hell.

His lady love his wife charred ashes lay at his feet,

He held no doubts as he picked up her wedding ring.


Nothing but fire and ash a crack upon the earth,

But this even the flames devoured so hot he could not search.

None had lived of this he was sure; no doubts,

Silence but from the crackling flames neither screams nor shouts.


The evil one would pay for this deadly deed,

And a pleasure he would get watching him bleed.

A heart-wrenching moan escaped him echoing the lost ones souls,

The winds left, the flames died, thunder no longer rolled.


His name was Tristan he knew not from where he came,

Took in by the villagers he knew not his parents nor their names.

But this he knew and this his word to give,

The evil one he would destroy and in hell he would live.


He closed his eyes and finished his song of death,

Unbidden strange words mumbled under his breath.

From where they came he did not know nor did he have time to 


Lost time, past time, the chosen, it was his fate.


(Part 3)


So strange this place called earth so beautiful tis true,

Very unlike Shrina where the sky was green not blue.

These things called trees; in her homeland there were none,

Only vast spaces of nothing except for Hells Tower not even sun.


A shiver set upon her oh they had their slebas that kept them warm,

And their racoze to protect against the bay moons storms.

Closhos protected their feet against the scorpsnak searching for 


And there was no such thing as the earthlings call time.




The Scrans were called to seek peace between the rabos and the uanias,

For they were well versed in matters here they called it wise,

Sarinana knew only Shrina till she appeared on this planet called 


Ah but only to stay here forever but no on Shrina she held too much 



And now Dragonat had found her how she did not know,

But capture her he mustn't for she was the power to the throne,

In truth she feared him greatly he escaped when they said he could 


Death could not reach him and his powers the Scrans long since forgot.


So she traveled on knowing not a safe haven to go,

Searching for an earthling with a warrior's soul.

The fates had decreed there was one such as he,

The mightiest of all and from Dragonat only he could set her free.


By the time of earth it should be light the sun should be shining 


An eerie feeling set upon her the sky had darkened no longer a bright 


So now he had found her in her search she had failed,

Demons shadows surrounded, moans and screams from hell.


Apparitions of old transparent against what once was but no longer,

Ill winds eased at first but then the pull much stronger.

Into the air she rose spinning like a child's toy top,

Her breath was pulled from her body but try as she might she could 

not stop.


She called to the Scrans ah but on her words she could not 


Her knight where was he? No matter now the time was too late.

NO, I cannot shut my eyes I cannot let him defeat me,

I cannot give in so easily.


Demons pulled her to and fro her body felt battered and torn.

Faster and faster she spun feeling her blood pour.

Only a hundred and two she was still no more than a babe,

But of a sudden her skin wrinkled and two hundred years she'd aged.


She ceased to think she ceased to exist she ceased to be,

Fates had lied there was no knight that held the key.

Just a tale untold for the children that came around,

The spinning stopped and she collided roughly with the ground.


In the midst of a firestorm flames touch searing her skin,

She screamed running through the flames trying to find the end.

A maze of tunnels each calm till she stepped then a blaze of fury,

Once caught spread rapidly even the mice had not time to scurry.


The softest of moans reached to her echoing through the flames,

Over and over and over again crying out her name.

She tried to reach the voice but with each step it withdrew,

But still she chased searching for the voice she knew.


Burning all over her body caught by flames of the fire,

Still her name was called the voice now much higher.

She ran and ran but still the voice evaded,

The end of the inferno was in sight she spied a door gold plated.


No choice but to enter what could be worse?

A golden water fountain in the middle though she drank it would not 

slake her thirst.

Flowers blooming why it was a garden's tranquil paradise,

Her mind played tricks the scene changed before her eyes.


Mindiara, no it could not be how did she come to be here,

Once so brave and true now her golden eyes filled with fear.

Shackles of steel bound her wrist and held her to the cell

Around her neck a collar of spikes under her feet a waters well.


"Stay back, no do not come near please no,"

A movement in the well the waters began to churn and glow.

Sirinana tried to resist but like a magnet she was drawn,

In the waters surface Dragonat appeared but then was gone.


And the scene that replaced much more violent,

At first peace reigned nothing but silence.

Then a vision from hell itself spat green murky liquid,

It held a swamp where a mythical creature hid.


So sudden it came in the open Triano could not take flight,

So small it looked till it stretched its full height.

Was not an earth's snake though toughened scales adorned,

Hooded eyes and jagged teeth then the nostrils formed.


Over and over and once again it struck catching Trianos face,

Slowly, teasingly but rapidly picked up pace.

A mortal would now be dead but their punishment would last eternity,

All for the fact that they had helped Sarinana flee.


Shaya came into view stretched upon a bed of prickly thorns,

Blood covered every inch gored by huge beasts with horns.

She could not move she prayed for a quick death,

But none would come for she still drew breath.


Maniacal laughter and Dragonat appeared in human guise,

Almost unrecognizable except for his fiery eyes.

Voice of thunder words meant to cause pain,

She did this to her friends and now only she remained.


A raging winds evil blow followed by a savage twist,

An intense fire hells forgotten deathly mist.

What fate for her did Dragonat have in mind?

Across time she traveled leaving hells tower behind.


She slept how long she did not really know,

Awakened in a wooden cottage shining with the moons glow.

Peaceful and tranquil so perfect and clean,

Perhaps another illusion she would cherish this dream.


But alas she found was not so perfect after all,

There was no escaping the cottage walls.

The front door was a barrier to the land of no return,

The back led to the land of fire constantly burn.


Dragonat had taken over Shrina for who was to protest?

She must think she must escape, but first she must rest.

A year went by then five ten and soon twenty,

A wooden cottage on a sunset beach her life suddenly empty.


Part 1


Many a battle he fought through times lost corridors,

And in his dreams the voice he now knew as hers.

In truth the lady he did not know aye he'd never even met,

Through battle weary years his purpose she'd not let him forget.


And in this strange world he was in an ever-constant maze,

Life's twists and turns not eating for days.

All manner of creatures unlike any he'd ever known,

And in turn each was defeated still he traveled alone.


The heats hot breath such a sweltering night,

A rainbow of colors sparkling against the full moons light.

Such a beautiful waterfall his thirst now eased,

Into the pool of water he dove apprehension finally released.


He swam about such freedom away from the pain,

Again she entered his head not soft like before but screaming out his 


" Tristan, tis but an illusion you must make way towards the beach,"

Never before had she been wrong but try as he might it was beyond his 



He swam and swam never gaining his way to shore,

His arms were tiring, his legs ached, and behind him a raging roar.

Was no longer water surrounding him but now a massive beast,

The waterfall was gone in its place was a row of spiked teeth,


A rotting carcass replaced the waters huge boulders,

Inside the beast he was; skeletal bones imprisoning his shoulders.

The putrid smell of death as the beast opened wide his massive jaws,

Water twisting turning knives blades forming into claws.


A force to be reckoned with indeed he feared he would not survive,

Such a terror before him a creature from the dead now much alive.

Through his travels many demons he had fought and prevailed,

But this one, aye it had to be the mightiest from hell.


Crimson red seeped over him souls of the damned would shout,

Screams and moans jumbled words captured forever no way out.

And he was the next for what powers had he against a creature so 


And her voice now but a silent whisper a sound from afar.


Part 2


He came in the night teeth bared against this threat,

Golden eyes spray of fire paying back a debt.

Sarinana had helped him once he could not deny her pain,

He took the deepest of breaths and shook his silky mane.


His front paw was missing caught in a hunters trap,

But for Sarinana he could not have gotten out.

His canine heart her heeling powers emerged,

No longer worldly his strength, his wisdom surged.


His fur of black shadowed him from sight,

Waiting for the appropriate moment to enter the fight.

And though the warrior was mighty, brave and true,

Looked very much like he was going to loose.


Golden liquid oozed from his fangs the deadliest venom,

Catching the beast unaware he lunged for him.

Over and over fangs struck ripping the beast apart,

Oh and what a blood feast as he devoured the beasts heart.


Once released the warrior floated seeking the isle of death,

But pulling him to safety of shore the dog beast gave him breath.

For now the warrior needed his aid beast bones would hold till later,

Ah yes at a time at his leisure when they could be savored.


Again he shook his mane this time releasing blood and gore,

And the lands about echoed with his mighty victory roar.

But the warrior convulsed with shivers nay he could not let him die,

He lay his bulk beside him for warmth and there he stay through the 



The loneliest times he had spent hunting on his own,

But he had this feel with this warrior he belonged.

Slowly his heart unlocked thoughts long since hid away,

Unwanted, unloved, an abnormal creature no purpose in life till this 



What if he repulsed the warrior? What if he feared?

But no he could not for didn't Sarinanas magic send him here.

Surely he would keep him for he had saved him from the beast,

No more shivers now the warrior's heart sleeping peace.


Part 3


And now Shrina held a castle such darkness and gloom over the land 

Captives from other worlds and Dragonat held command.

The planet grew and grew but with fear the captives were easily 


Each knew of hells tower that held captured souls.


Never forgotten were the Scrans and their eternity of punishment,

And if a child rebelled of these tortures they would hint.

Few words were spoken against Dragonat for he knew their thoughts,

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, few tried but were caught.


So now they were docile but still they anticipated a warrior to 


But each day was a struggle in their bid to stay alive.

When would he come? Oh how they wanted their true homes,

The freedom they had, and once again to sing their songs.


Some say the warrior had been one of them upon his birth,

But for a purpose had been set upon the planet called Earth.

A key he was said to have and for the future to hold,

For etarnas and more the story had been told.


Was it truth though or only a tale passed around?

And in time would the Princess Sarinana be found?

The morbid bells of doom rang disturbing their light sleep,

Was a storm of the bay moon, and for the Scrans souls it weeped.


Part 4


A merciless wind moon dust desert sands heat ablaze,

The Land of no return a forever wondering maze.

Tristan and Sascho his newly found friend

Forward, backtracking then forward again.


An exit there had to be though long since rotted carcasses told 


Then they chanced upon six doors the same perfect shape and size.

A distance apart they were no holding structures nor a ceiling,

But round them they could not for a force field sent them reeling.


So a choice had to be made and hoped it held them safe,

For the wrong one could be a most deadly mistake.

Harsh laughter from somewhere far, far away,

And heart-wrenching sobs in another direction lay.


Tristan rubbed Sascho's mane as they looked in each other's eyes,

Twas if to say so long my friend perhaps a final goodbye.

The weeping was the door they sought but which could it be?

Eyes closed their minds emerged and through the doors they could see.


The first was a raging fire mournful souls ablaze,

The second contained the undead walking in a daze.

The third a den of fanged snakes hooded and with claws,

The fourth held elrhina with knives attached to its paws.


The two remaining why could they not see inside?

The harsh laughter was behind one; the other held the lady that cried.

But the sounds were a blend they knew not which to choose,

Which would lead to Sarinana, which would lead to their doom?


His lady wife's wedding band on his neck held by a chain,

A song she sang as she called out his name.

Was a song of old, a song of hope, a song of a warrior's quest,

The same song he sung when he had bid her eternal rest.


The words unknown at the time but many times since said,

A warriors heart pure and true follow where instinct led.

Lost time, past time, the chosen it was his fate,

Was not the cry he should follow that was drawing bait.


Instinct was to be his guide and door number three he chose,

The hooded snakes were gone instead stood his lady wife's ghost.

"I am no longer and I never was meant to be,

Only years of illusion, your purpose was to set the lady free."


"Though these walls are made of steel there is a way through,

Find it you must on your own, I can no longer aid you."

"Come back, come back," he called as his lady wife disappeared,

But as she said only an illusion of many years.


Sascho sniffed the air and a mighty roar escaped his throat,

Had not been his lady wife but a well-planned hoax.

Trapped by Dragonat aye his deadly stench was there,

Was nigh time for a confrontation in his own lair.


In hells tower they were no other place they could be,

The Scrans felt his presence, the chosen was here and he held the key.

A raging wind began to blow as all their magical powers combined,

Their thoughts became as one invading Tristan's mind.



Book 3 

Part 1


Sarinanas body slept through many earth years,

Yet her heart and soul could still hear.

The warrior invaded her dreams captured her thoughts,

So he really did exist after all.


Though her flesh held steady upon the bed not so her mind,

It traveled sleep and wake through out the passage of time.

Each moment she relived the Scrans imprisonment in the tower,

Eternal pain, no release, knowing it was her fault for their lost 



The golden shield of Mindiara, Shaya's hat of disappearance, Triano's 

mystical stealth,

Aye and even her cloak though unknown to others contained immense 


Gone now, disappearing without even the smallest clue,

But was of no importance anymore it was Dragonat this she well knew.


And a deep terrifying fear gripped and held for the task still left 


The destruction of Dragonat was the bloodiest of battles still to 


This time his soul must be extinguished for peace would only come 

with his death,

And Tristan, the chosen one would lead the battle to steal his breath.



Part 2


And then there were the Scrans with magic and wisdom of ages,

Surviving year's decades even centuries weathering times lost pages.

What had happened what happened now and what was to be,

They knew, they accepted but how could they not? It was destiny.


Sarinana was their future and so they had sacrificed all,

They had to keep her safe lest Shrina take the fall.

A prisoner she was and they as well,

But they held faith in the mighty warrior that he would not fail.


Time for all the Scrans to gather a warrior to meet,

For it was foretold that he should be the one to lead.

In his mind now their knowledge would be of assistance,

No longer were there barriers placed by the greatest distance.


Mindiara closed her eyes and an ancient song she sung,

Singing for the bravery of the warrior victory for the battle to come.

Shayna joined and Triano soon sang along and the warrior heard,

It was not long before he picked up on the words.


"Tis only an illusion great walls stand but cannot hold,

Though fierce heat surrounds only one remains cold.

Find it that will be the exit you look for,

It will lead you to the weapons you need for war."


"Once you find them there will be no retreat,

For it's time for good and evil to finally meet.

The future, the hope, await for a warrior true,

And that warrior is you."


Sascho smelled death through the walls but which was it to be?

Only one exit in a doorless room but it could not be seen.

Tristan went from wall to wall searching for the cold,

Anxious now to fulfill what was once foretold.


But all the walls were cold which way to leave,

And Sarinanas voice came, "Tristan you have to believe."

You cannot just wonder from wall to wall his illusions are real,

Unlike a magicians tricks you have to really feel."


He closed his eyes and a steady wind began to blow,

And from the north came the biggest chill of cold.

That was the direction he must take with Sascho by his side,

And through the wall he walked rotting smell of souls that died.


Skeletal remains corpses long since rotted and decayed,

A ring on a finger bone glowed showing him the way.

Was a golden ring a little arrow pointed east,

Through another wall he walked coming upon a massive beast.


What manner of creature this he did not know,

But it stood guard over a shield made of the purest gold.

A small red hat, and a glossy black cloak rested near,

Instinctively he knew these were the weapons Dragonat feared.


His weapons of war, but first the beast must give up his breath,

And Tristan knew it would be a fight to the death.

Long sharp talons struck, blood poured from Tristan's face,

A thundering below of fiery rage setting flames about the place.


Sascho, fangs dripping their golden venom pounced upon the beast,

It bellowed with pain and into the air a rancid mist was released.

Three eyes and six arms it took to remove Sascho from its back,

He landed in the midst of the fire but again he attacked.


While the beasts attention turned Tristan went for the golden shield,

The flames died the beast grew smaller but yet he did not yield.

Instead he bared his teeth razor sharp spikes and moved with amazing 


Sascho was thrown again and his throat began to bleed.


He lay there unmoving but for the whispering of his breath,

And Tristan feared his friend was so near to death.

The golden shield glowed and the beast's chest ripped wide,

An agonizing scream came forth as ashes formed inside.


Little by little the ashes fell landing at Tristans feet,

Till there was nothing left of what once was a mighty beast.

"Quickly, you must get the hat and cloak for the way is shown,

Sascho will protect you you'll not fight this battle alone."


But how could Sascho aid him his life almost gone,

He laid his hand upon his chest his heartbeat strong.

He wagged his huge tail and his eyes no longer held pain,

His throat had healed and no blood adorned his mane.


Tristan didn't wonder over it for years nothing seemed real

Things he'd seen, places he'd been, creatures he had killed.

He placed the cloak over his shoulders and the hat upon his head,

Holding the golden shield, see not want not, time for Dragonats death.


The traveled path was fraught with peril, Trees and forest grass ablaze,

Thickened fog, cold damp mist, a darkened seen yet unseen haze.

Sascho close by his side, there to protect, guard, and serve,

Aye both the brave warrior and beast vowed to give Dragonat what he deserved.


Death’s putrid smell, bodies rotting, partial skeletal remains, scattered upon the path,

But inside Tristan’s mind sorrow, anger, emotional whirlwind, the enemy would feel his wrath.

He burned, his breath became heavy, his body weary, what was this that befell Tristan?

In his quest he could not fail, determined now, one foot in front of other purpose insistent.


Sascho remained by his side, faithful, loyal, and true, his purpose, help Tristan survive,

And in the distance barren land, cement walls, aye so eerie a sight. They had arrived.

How to enter unseen, for the battle would be within. Ah yes, hat, cloak, and shield,

But Sascho, what of him? Ha, no worry he blended with the barren field.


It is time. Once inside there would be no release, to win was the only choice,

Been so peaceful, inside his mind, aye been so quite, but now was her voice.

“Tristan , my mighty warrior, will be a hard battle you must fight,

Though immortal he can die, just concentrate with all your might.


And now the final battle.




Steel lightning, shards of glass, echo’s thunder, winds raging wrath,

Sands of time, pushing, pushing, destruction fills the forward path.

Such a force, this whirlwind tossing grains of sand , capturing Dragonat’s madness,

Souls scream, agonizing, heartwrenching, to the depths of despair and sadness.


Silent screams invade Tristan’s mind, this evil; pure evil, loss of time and space,

No meaning anymore, nothing matters in this barren, wasteland, this evil place.

Sascho growled at some unseen foe, but did not give chase, there was no need,

Thunderous echo’s tore through time and space and the ground began to bleed.


A loud rumble, a crack of the earth, and the pair spun like a child’s top

Falling, falling plunging beneath the ground wondering if they would stop.

A cool damp cavern , massive in both size and height deep below the surface,

Two tunnels to the left, one to the right, three in the middle, but what is the purpose?



 And the tears flew from the heavens for this battle near,

The sky bled and the earthling’s cringed in fear.

A misty haze unlike any before seen,

Come, wake up, wake up from this unnatural dream.


The Banshee wailed spewing forth-great flames of fire and smoke,

And the two headed lion of Sanio growled as he woke.

Who would dare disturb the vanished creatures of the past?

Unanswered with the wind lost in time released at last.


A bellow spewed forth echoing from the gates of Hell's Tower,

The world shook, castles fell, waters rose from the force of the 


A lone little mouse scurried to and fro here and yon,

Heedless of nothing except for the endless supply of food it pounced 



But then it was gone; snatched up by the shadow less monster that 


Yes, the chameleon, the beast, the evil one, Dragonat was now here.

Flames rested in his eyes just as a teardrop would,

And the sharpest of spikes emerged from a hangman's hood.


A forked tongue set with prickly thorns flicked the putrid air,

Hundreds and hundreds of black bats rested in his thick matted hair.

Shards of glass rested in cavities that once held teeth,

And little nodules shaped as horns ripped wide the ground underneath.


His full height as he stood flat was barely over twenty feet tall,

"Warrior, warrior, I am here come to battle with me," He called.

But even with his height he could not see where the warrior hid,

The warrior was a threat and one he wished he was rid.


He feared him though only to himself would it show,

And the teardrops of fire bright embers began to glow.

He had the Scrans weapons and he wielded them well,

Somewhere yes he was somewhere out there yet where he could not tell.


Sarinana pressed her body against the walls that held her tight,

Trying still to escape needing to help her warrior in his fight.

But no it was not to be Sascho would be his only aid,

On the bed she twisted begging for release and the walls held her at 




 Tristan looked upon Dragonat with a worried frown,

How could he conquer? Could Dragonat even go down?

He was only five feet in length from this monstrous creature

For in truth the Scrans were in his mind the most excellent teachers.


He could feel Sarinanas heart beat; he could taste her tears,

He wished to offer her comfort and hoped his words she would hear.

"Do not worry my lady I shall win this fight thrust my way,

And forever into eternity you will be mine from this day.


His words gave her strength, they fulfilled her dreams,

Her warrior was the answer to everything.

So she looked on from the prison her body held tight,

And new that everything was going to be all right.


And the removal of the hat brought Tristan in sight,

No longer invisible yet so ready for the coming fight.

To many suffering, too many that took deaths hold,

The sights he had seen made his blood run cold.


Aye and such a massive beast he was to battle here,

But Tristan gained courage, gained spirit, he held no fear.

To the death this will be, loose the world or gain,

A burst of his breath Dragonat made fire rain.


Quick of foot, cloak and shield still upon his frame,

He dodged to the left and thrust his sword, first blood he claimed,

A thunderous bellow echoed loud a flick of his tail, in the air he flew,

Landing heavily upon a rock , breath loosed, and Sarinina felt it too.


Sascho teased and taunted beware the shards of glass,

He tried to circle around, but Dragonat would not let him pass.

Tristan aware of Sascho’s little game, keeping him occupied,

He climbed upon the beast, he bucked but Tristan was up for the ride.


Dragonat turned this way and that trying to retrieve his foe 

And Tristan kept his climb and held to strike the final blow.

Sascho earned a mightly slap he flew through the air rolled once and was still,

Though Tristan felt emotion, no time to mourn, time to move in for the kill.


He thrust his sword straight down from head to chin and sharp glass crunched,

Pulling back his sword he thrust from cheek to cheek, and again he lunged.

Dragonat tossed and turned bucked back and forth, but no good did it do,

Tristan held his place, never letting up on the sword, and from dragonat liquid goo.


Sascho rose, sniffing the air, he ran jumping the beast then climbing to the top,

Ah yes a blood feast, Sinking in his massive fangs eating the beasts head and would not stop.

Perhaps the enemy was immortal, perhaps he could not die,  but he would wish for death,

For there would be nothing left, his body scattered, Sascho finished his head, taking his breath.


A bright light rose in the east and millions of colors became a rainbow of stars above,

The scrans released now, Sarinana appeared upon silver wings of a huge white dove.

The scrans joined an electric force field,  became a massive bubble in time,

It captured Dragonats remains, his bones, his soul, his heart, and mind.


They were scattered throughout time and space to the darkest realms to be,

Never to be found again, never to be joined, never to hear, never to see.

“Tristan you are truly a warrior, and We thank you with all our heart and soul,

You saved the world, aye a hero like no other, now we must rebuild and gain control.”


“First we must mend your earth, and let the nations gather together again, tis safe once more,

Then I must go back to my world, Shrina beckons me come, go back to the life I had before.”

Come with me warrior, rule by my side. We shall join our two worlds, Shrina and Earth,”

Tis sorry I am my lady but I can not, I must heal this land, give it a new birth.”


“Well my warrior, I am sure we will meet again for fate has foretold, you will see.

And a locket of gold she lay in his hand, “If you have a need I will come in your dreams”

A sad Sascho bid the warrior goodbye, his time here was at an end,

Such a heart wrenching farewell for they had become the best of friends.



Sunset beach so long ago,

A little wooden cottage all-aglow.

So peaceful it looked comfy and small,

And alone she sat but no longer a prisoner of these walls.



















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