Monthly Archive for September 2010

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Impossible Memories By: Autumn Mcclure Poem blisspain Human Nature Sep 13th
Monster By: Autumn Mcclure Poem blisspain 2 Life/Living Sep 13th
Still There Poem shine_dark 1 Sep 13th
He raped my mule Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Sep 13th
One Year Tear Poem AlexC Fear Sep 13th
Time Poem road273 Depression Sep 13th
ERO Poem odengalasi Sep 13th
I SAW HER Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 14th
What is Peace? Poem cassis 1 Peace Sep 14th
Float Poem absolutekos Sep 14th
Insane For Freedom From This Love Poem onemanwar Sep 14th
(Song) Defender Poem bountyhunter0001 Sep 14th
TAKING THE AMTRAK TO CHICAGO Poem chris Children Sep 14th
ryan Poem brittanymarie Bittersweet Sep 14th
You asked for my forgiveness Poem princealexander Poetry/Writing Sep 14th
Summer wine.. Poem workm friendship Sep 14th
CHICAGO TOURIST FROM IOWA Poem chris Abstract Sep 14th
I KNOW I LOVE YOU Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 14th
Escape Poem dakota Anger NonViolent Sep 14th
COOKIE Poem chris love Sep 14th
35 Drops.. Poem workm love Sep 14th
Wedding gown Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Sep 15th
The Angel Gazes Upon Me Poem shc_waitin4u Devotion Sep 15th
Apple of My Eye Poem metaphorist Sep 15th
My Daddy (revised) Poem motoxgurl2009 Sep 15th
Could You? Poem exthias1983 Devotion Sep 15th
Illusion (The Castle Fell Apart) Poem wemni Sep 15th
The Yellow Star of Jewish Ghetto Poem princealexander Poetry/Writing Sep 15th
Her End Poem hatredofhumanity Memories Sep 16th
Home Poem pikurpoison Sep 16th
When childhood comes back again Poem princealexander 1 Poetry/Writing Sep 16th
Chicago Picnic 1925 Poem owlcrkbrg 2 Sep 16th
He Lives Poem deadpoetssociety Sep 16th
Fly Again Poem deadpoetssociety Sep 16th
On The Water Poem deadpoetssociety Sep 16th
Just one day.. Poem workm dreams Sep 16th
PART 3 Poem pikurpoison Sep 16th
Angel.. Poem workm love Sep 16th
Every Step Forward Poem lizzurdbeth 2 Sep 16th
Among Men... Poem hatredofhumanity War Sep 16th
Calamitous Poem Tetra_nova 1 Sep 16th
Alone Poem hatredofhumanity Dark Love Sep 17th
Demon Poem hatredofhumanity Sep 17th
MURDERED BY LOVE Poem shadow88d 3 Dark Love Sep 17th
NO FAREWELL Poem shadow88d 4 sadness Sep 17th
All I want Poem clutchforbalance Sep 17th
Father and Son Poem nkorinko 4 family Sep 17th
STORM OF MISERY Poem shadow88d 1 sadness Sep 17th
BADSIDE Poem shadow88d 2 Hope Sep 17th
Disgust Poem hatredofhumanity Betrayal Sep 17th
Chaos and Stuff Poem hatredofhumanity Sep 17th
Never Ending Poem hatredofhumanity 1 Sep 17th
An Angel in Black Poem shc_waitin4u Angels Sep 17th
As We Danced to the Melody of Lust Poem shc_waitin4u 1 Lust Sep 17th
Pull The Trigger Poem hatredofhumanity Suicide Sep 17th
Soft Poem hatredofhumanity Dark Sep 17th
Dirty Whispers Poem hatredofhumanity Sexual Sep 17th
TWO ROADS Poem shadow88d 1 Lost love Sep 17th
LOST Poem shadow88d 1 Lost love Sep 17th
`THE FUSILIER` Poem mack619 Betrayal Sep 17th
`PULL UP A SANDBAG` Poem mack619 War Sep 17th
WHO KNEW? Poem shadow88d 2 Reality Sep 17th
WAITING... Poem emmenay Sep 17th
Death Poem hatredofhumanity Sep 17th
4 SEASONS Poem shadow88d 1 Lost love Sep 17th
D.W. Poem anexod Sep 18th
Untitled -- 9.18.2010 Poem anexod Sep 18th
Fly Away Poem Azrael Sep 18th
Fallen Angel Poem Azrael Sep 18th
Across The Threshold Poem Azrael 2 Sep 18th
Fade Away Poem Azrael Sep 18th
Monster Poem Azrael Sep 18th
Forgive Me Poem Azrael Sep 18th
Symphony of the Night Poem Azrael Sep 18th
Darkness Fades Poem Azrael 1 Sep 18th
a bestfriend Poem poetrylover 1 Haiku Sep 18th
still friends Poem poetrylover Sep 18th
Wild at heart Poem clutchforbalance Sep 18th
a slight imatation Poem life_used_to_be... Sep 18th
Hell damnation Poem randyjohnson Dark Sep 18th
Through Our Journey Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 18th
Requiem of the Fallen Poem Azrael Sep 18th
Waiting For The Rain To Tumble Poem sanctus Sep 18th
WRONG LIFE FOR A LADY Poem shadow88d 4 Pain/Sorrow Sep 19th
Epigram: Tess And Effie Offer Advice Poem Starward Abuse Sep 19th
Bait Poem poetic7 1 Race/Ethnicity Sep 19th
Promise to Love Poem dancewmoonlight 1 Sep 19th
Love is a Verb Poem dancewmoonlight 2 Sep 19th
'10 Eruption Poem Joel Sep 19th
how i tricked the devil Poem shadow88d 3 Betrayal Sep 19th
If You'd Have Asked Poem wishful_thinking 1 Sep 20th
At The Royal Stables, Alexandria Poem Starward Memories Sep 20th
'10 Ruptured Poem Joel 1 Sep 20th
"It takes 3 beer to remember now, and 5 more to forget" Poem life_used_to_be... Sep 20th
MISTAKES Poem ladydp2000 2 Comedy/Humor Sep 20th
Daffodil Vase Poem wishful_thinking 1 Sep 20th
too good to be true Poem kayspoems Sep 20th
The Queen Elizabeth 2nd Gardens Poem sanctus Sep 20th
ALL OUT OF LOVE Poem shadow88d 5 Lost love Sep 20th
just cause you're alone Poem kayspoems Sep 20th
'10 Explosion Poem Joel Sep 20th
Smoking in bed Poem randyjohnson Dark Sep 20th
Stupid Poem shine_dark Abstract Sep 20th
Stillness Poem metaphorist Sep 20th
Eternal Verse Poem dancewmoonlight Sep 20th
Walls Poem clutchforbalance Sep 20th
I'm Full of It Poem rabidryan Lost love Sep 20th
From the heart.. Poem workm romance Sep 20th
little too late Poem geneconner2008 Sep 20th
Finally Happy? Poem shine_dark Sep 20th
HIS PROMISE Poem ladydp2000 Faith Sep 21st
cranium loathing Poem kayspoems Sep 21st
AUTUMN LEAVES Poem ladydp2000 1 Nature/Environment Sep 21st
Oh, Freedom Poem wishful_thinking 1 Sep 21st
JUST VENTING SOME Poem ladydp2000 Life/Living Sep 21st
My big buddy Poem randyjohnson Pets/Animals Sep 21st
Yes, You Move Me.. Poem workm Passion Sep 21st
If I am Lucky Poem gordon03 1 love Sep 21st
Perception Poem edwin Decisions Sep 21st
If I only knew Poem geneconner2008 Sep 21st
Your face Poem geneconner2008 Sep 21st
SHOPPING Poem ladydp2000 Life/Living Sep 21st
Today Poem edwin Other Sep 21st
RIP Poem natlie Sep 21st
COLLEGE Poem chris Abstract Sep 21st
THE MAGIC OF FALL Poem ladydp2000 Nature/Environment Sep 21st
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELEN! Poem ladydp2000 Celebrations Sep 21st
THE BEAUTIFUL OF FALL Poem ladydp2000 Nature/Environment Sep 21st
Seperation Poem babe1233 Sep 21st
Better Than Expected Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 22nd
Abating The Sea Poem wishful_thinking 1 Sep 22nd
New Journal -09/22/2010- Poem Sivus Sep 22nd
Orphaned Now Poem rashmiitz 1 Sep 22nd
Serenity Poem clutchforbalance Sep 22nd
The Sea Poem takemewithy0u Hope Sep 22nd
I Have No Religion Poem rashmiitz Sep 22nd
Ancient Ruin Poem owlcrkbrg 2 Sep 22nd
The River Dies Poem rashmiitz Sep 22nd
Reconciled Poem GraciousGift Faith Sep 22nd
if you really knew me.. Poem jessima 1 Sep 22nd
مولد Poem yaramo Sep 22nd
the road Poem doyle51209 Sep 22nd
At The Suburbs Of Rome Poem Starward Acceptance Sep 23rd
What You Want Me To Be Poem takemewithy0u Life/Living Sep 23rd
My Inner World Poem takemewithy0u 1 Abuse Sep 23rd
Simply Unwinding Poem takemewithy0u Self-doubt Sep 23rd
Deathmaster's Shadowwalker Lineage Description Long Version Poem draca Sep 23rd
A Lost Soul Poem jds_lost_soul Sep 23rd
Misconception Poem takemewithy0u Betrayal Sep 23rd
Love, Untold Poem takemewithy0u Loneliness Sep 23rd
Imprecation On My First College Sweetheart Poem Starward 1 Breaking Up Sep 23rd
Footnote: Princess Poem Starward sadness Sep 23rd
Make me great.. Poem workm love Sep 23rd
Back to Youth Poem nkorinko Culture/Society Sep 23rd
Go Away Poem takemewithy0u Breaking Up Sep 23rd
SUMMER MORNING Poem chris 1 Children Sep 23rd
Is He Coming Back? Poem takemewithy0u 1 Military/Patriotism Sep 23rd
Photo1 Poem anexod Sep 23rd
occupants Poem brokenhope33 Existence Sep 23rd
Eternal Truth Poem wishful_thinking Sep 23rd
FlincH.. Poem greeny 2 Sep 24th
Crumbled Poem ChandaHealton Devastation Sep 24th
I feel like I could Poem geneconner2008 Sep 24th
Trapped Poem nighthawk21 1 Sep 24th
I thought Poem geneconner2008 Sep 24th
The Same Boat Poem thelohaspiral Sep 24th
Free Poem takemewithy0u 1 Escapism Sep 24th
Lysergic acid diethylamide Poem ray_strickland Ray Strickland RRFTB Sep 24th
Change of address Poem ray_strickland 1 Sep 24th
Reach Your Dreams Poem takemewithy0u dreams Sep 24th
In Memory of Papa Poem takemewithy0u death Sep 24th
Holy Logic Poem Sivus religion Sep 24th
FOOTBALL Poem chris Sports Sep 24th
Letter To Tupac Amaru Shakur Poem amaru911 Missing You Sep 24th
untitled - 1285360342 Poem anexod Sep 24th
REJECTION Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 24th
And So My Blood Dries Poem hatredofhumanity Suicide Sep 25th
Footnote: Axiom Of Beauty, Self-Evident Poem Starward Tanka Sep 25th
MESSED UP Poem shadow88d inspiration Sep 25th
BETTER WITHOUT ME Poem shadow88d 2 Breaking Up Sep 25th
ON MY KNEES Poem shadow88d Lost love Sep 25th
Scars Poem shadow88d 4 Emotionless Sep 25th
Present Tense Poem grahf Sep 25th
Tender Assembly Poem grahf Sep 25th
MY OWN ENEMY Poem shadow88d 2 Existence Sep 25th
MIRACLES Poem shadow88d 1 love Sep 25th
LONE Poem sic Reality Sep 25th
Out of Sight, Out of Mind Poem takemewithy0u Human Nature Sep 25th
Break Up Revelation: Part 1 Poem takemewithy0u Breaking Up Sep 25th
Meaningless Depression Poem takemewithy0u Depression Sep 25th
I Will Miss It Poem takemewithy0u 1 obsession Sep 25th
Break Up Revelation: Part 3 Poem takemewithy0u Breaking Up Sep 25th
Innocence Poem takemewithy0u Immaturity Sep 25th
My silent choice Poem raminastar Sep 25th
هلّ العيد Poem nasheed Sep 25th
عصفوري في يوم العيد Poem nasheed Sep 25th
Break Up Revelation: Part 2 Poem takemewithy0u Breaking Up Sep 25th
Guard Your Heart Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 25th
Father Ted Poem randyjohnson death Sep 25th
Depression/ Is It Linked To Him Poem babe1233 Sep 25th
Forgotten, Lost Boy Poem takemewithy0u Abuse Sep 25th
The Meaning Of Life Poem thelohaspiral Sep 26th
Life Poem dimply sadness Sep 26th
Promises Poem vilmazab 1 Sep 26th
Open Your Eyes Poem forgeteden Sep 26th
The Choking Game Poem forgeteden Sep 26th
If Remembrance is an Art, then Forgetting is a Masterpiece Poem forgeteden 1 Sep 26th
traped Poem doyle51209 Sep 26th
Patchwork Heart Poem forgeteden Sep 26th
Crooked Smile Embrace Poem forgeteden Sep 26th
Shivering Poem forgeteden Sep 26th
Oleander Poem forgeteden 1 Sep 26th
Senses of Love Poem wpkamen love Sep 26th
UNMET NEEDS # Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 26th
Lifeboat. Poem iaminacocoon Sep 26th
YOU, A STRANGE, STRANGE WORLD SO BEAUTIFUL * Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 26th
TO THESE WOODS OF LIFE # Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 26th
country song #1 Poem iaminacocoon Sep 26th
MY VERY OWN SWEET SUMMER NIGHT'S SEA * Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 26th
BELOVED SHINE * Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 26th
THE BEAUTIFUL HAUNTING * Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 26th
THE MERE READER'S EYE # Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 26th
anarchist anomalies Poem iaminacocoon Sep 26th
MY SOUL'S VERY TRUTH * Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 26th
A note about the following SONGS here Poem kitez Abstract Sep 27th
ONCE UPON A TIME AT A DANCE Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 27th
كان عهدا Poem nasheed Sep 27th
هديل على مواجع البعد Poem nasheed Sep 27th
Nothing Poem pikurpoison Sep 27th
MY BIRTHDAY Poem chris Abstract Sep 27th
SEPTEMBER 24 Poem chris Abstract Sep 27th
I'M LOST Poem chris 1 Song Lyrics Sep 27th
LOVE Poem chris love Sep 27th
يــــــــا إلــــهـــــي Poem nasheed Sep 27th
New Box Poem Sivus 1 Being Loved Sep 27th
teenager Poem deadcupcakeluv 2 Lost love Sep 27th
DRIVING DOWN THE HIGHWAY Poem chris Abstract Sep 27th
Autoeroticism...the final frontier Poem ray_strickland 1 Sep 27th
I Wish Poem gordon03 Lost love Sep 27th
؟ Poem nasheed Sep 27th
without you here Poem ChandaHealton Bittersweet Sep 27th
MY FAULT HUH Poem shadow88d Self-doubt Sep 27th
IF YOU NEVER MET ME Poem shadow88d 1 Stress Sep 27th
LOVE Poem chris love Sep 27th
إن في القلب سرمدا Poem nasheed Sep 27th
Did It hurt Poem geneconner2008 Sep 27th
كنافة.. عبد الوهاب/خميس/مريم Poem nasheed Sep 27th
عتابا.. ياسر/إياد/ابتسام/يحيى/مريم/وآخرون Poem nasheed Sep 27th
MOON Poem chris Nature/Environment Sep 27th