short poems

i'm deaf in one ear; don't give a fuck in the other

your excuses are nothing but reasons to be smothered

i will not justify why i'm so annoyed

to walk the same earth as YOU programmable droids

each day, i wake up to end this bad dream

i cannot muddle through such urges to scream

what God would creaste a universal contradiction?

a paradox plagued by conviction and prediction?

where too many morons drain the world of its brilliance

so even the anomolies can't make a difference

instead, we're choking on the truths we seek

made vividly aware that the future is bleak

insufferable independence and fool-hearted drive

has focused my energy and kept me alive

i could've gotten swept away in all this wretched mess

another lost sheep, following along with all the rest

but... i was born with my eyes open wide

with chrystal-clear vision and a free-thinking mind

and too many meticulous questions for everyone

occasional theories, but answers for none

acceptance falls absent where i don't belong

refusal to conform means i MUST be wrong

plugged ears can't listen to the rules of the drones

i'll find my way better if i walk alone

there's much misdirection retelling lessons learned

ANY knowledge gained HAS to be earned

faith is blinding and laws bend and break

just like perceptions evolve with every mistake

so spare me the sob story that life isn't fair

as aformentioned: i'm unable, unwilling to care.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sunday september 12, 2010. the first line is an actual quote from a friend of mine named billy. he actually said to me, " i'm deaf in one ear and don't give a fuckl in the other. you can use that for a poem or something." so that evening i wrote this. thanks billy for the inspiration.

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