Chicago Picnic 1925

~Chicago Picnic, 1925~


Mobsters with a terrified snitch
spread blankets on the grass.


Their basket contains cheese,
wine, and sourdough French bread
'jacked from California.


"'Frisco fog,
Mr. Capone explains to the pigeon,
is the crucial ingredient of this loaf."


Hitman Rick breaks
one of the pigeon's wings,
then takes him to the river.


Mr. Capone finds a trail
in the trees,

picks up a long stick,
grasps it cane-like and continues his stroll

as the pigeon's broken body

tumbles towards the sea.


D. B. Tompsett

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capone murdered the

capone murdered the pigeon
into realms stygian

God now make your world kinder
and give special eternal joy to the bird

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Bread & Pigins (Can't spell pidgeons)


The stick did it for me. The stroll. Birds that "crow" sleep with the fishes. Roar 20's roar! - Thoroughly imbibed this one - nice - Lady A