Crooked Smile Embrace


The fist clenching, teeth grinding memory entices,
My immodesty - a tear that threatens
The cracked, chipped and shattered exterior
That hides that squishy, rotting emotion inside me,
Held by strings above the festering hole in my chest.

Another hitched breath, soon my lungs will tear,
My stomach will burst by all the swallowed pain,
And no matter what I do - actions wise or folly,
I can't stop the pressure that suffocates the surface,
That makes the air razor sharp against my throat,
And chokes the beast within me.

When all that is left is this beautiful silence,
Just me and my face, a crooked smile embrace,
And the empty cracked shell you have left me in,
Because I...
I can still see your stupid smile,
Once invisible to my clouded memory.

If only I could pretend that you didn't matter...
That you didn't matter...
You didn't matter...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem kind of goes passed the 5 stages of grief. Its more towards the wish and want to forget about him, even though I know I cant.

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