you are
my beloved sunset in paradise
a cherished moonlit walk
through the woods of heaven
a solar eclipse amid distant
ancient galaxies revealed
pristine snow on a forgotten
arctic tundra
pages torn from Keats' notebook
out of his most bitter anguish
over his perception of love's
unfair loss
for my tender woman's heart
you are
rain on the face
of a smiling child
ecstatic his mother has allowed
him out in such downpour
to go wading
you are
the breathless rush
of a blushing bride
as she is carried over the threshold
of her first home
by her
gallantly laughing amour
you are
the enchantment of
Autumn In August
from centuries past
when the beauty of nature's seasons
was still near indescribable
to even the most talented of poets
you are all of this but so much more to me
you are that one color in the rainbow
that makes all others pale in comparison
and I find I cannot live very well
without that color which only you
can paint into my life
so protect that color in you
save it for my eyes to see
when you enter my world
and begin to fully glow for me
for I love you too much
and find that
I need your 'Beloved Shine'...................
(Sept 26, 2010 417am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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