Speaking of disenchantment

When you finally find time to

Open your eyes, take the longest breath

and hold it there.

Make sure everything you see

You try to comprehend with a will of

good nature, honesty, and an open mind.

A man who strays from the path of righteousness

Dooms himself to a bitter life

A man with no lover, and the refusal to repent

Dooms himself to a bitter end

Leather whips used to crack. The skin

split open, letting flow.

Beneath green leaves of the forest trees

a crowd gathered to sacrifice

For the betterment of man.

An interview

He hates it, parted from.

Now admits it.

At first so flattering;

Fluttering insects.

Ends with fists clenched,

Hairs raised in defense.

Slowly he

started to


the real truth

fueling full,

this interview.

Himself he thought betrayed

By strangers looking for a gas.

So to their surprise the conversation

Ended with no laughs.

With backward hats and khaki pants, sour glances,

they were taken aback.

Drinking himself out of place

Was, as he would find out,

The best career move of his life

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